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Today is Mothers Day in some countries...#HappyMothersDay...should be not just one but everyday..
Blak Prophetz
03/25/2017 at 08:05. Facebook
Hmmm...Sorry I been away but a White boy complained I posted his video of him calling/mocking the term Ni##er to black people in the street so FB blocked me not him for 3 days/...His FB page is still alive and!! I'll talk more bout that 'butt-wipe' later, till then ...#AnyThingToKeepABrotherQuiet.....We gat fat lips and loud vocals for a reason people, use it!!
Blak Prophetz
03/20/2017 at 09:41. Facebook
Something I produced and wrote earlier out today!!...'cop that fatt joint'

Right On - EP by Funk Division on Apple Music
Watchout for the new Official Jam Master Jay (Jason Mizell) website launching any day now...

Jason Mizell (@JamMasterMizell) | Twitter
School teacher that had lost control both mentally and verbally...smh...
Snoop's video is #NOT the problem with black youth (it does'nt help) but we live in a system which was built to keep black people as slaves, besides you ever heard of a black dude killing a president???

Donald Trump suggests Snoop Dogg should go to prison for music video
"and still....they can smile..." #BlakProphetz
Mitochondrial Eve - The Original First Woman | Mitochondrial DNA in all humans is inherited from one common female ancestor in Africa 200,000 years ago.
WT.Fek!...Apparently the seems to be an influx of Women buying and wear mens Y-Fronts briefs...Does this mean that men are going to be buying and wearing women's panties?
"We live in a world where the real terrorists wear suits and control the world. Yet we allow them to broadcast hypnotic verbal gloating via the media into our homes. If we all turned off our TV, Radio and Phones it would eventually become a crime and you would be punished for conducting the latter as you would be seen as taking control of your own lives and unifying against the system which in...
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World faces worst humanitarian crisis since WWII: UN
I like what Jesse said...Piers needs to stop believing the #bullshit they put in the media...smh
#WomensDay....'Real men will love you more than himself'...
What can I say...
#LoveBro, Is generally used loosely by those who have no understanding of the terminology. Learn the true meaning of the word before using it...#TheFather - Religion is man-made, Faith is not. It matter not who you are or where you are, the fact remains that he created you and you can't run from it. We all have two fathers, the one who created you and the one who made it possible for your...
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The European Parliament and its views on Women...smh!
It friday folks...I hear there's some kinda beef going on, Where is it? Who cares! and I hope that this image is fake for Nikki's sake...#RemyMa #Nikki