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Blak Prophetz
11/30/2016 at 18:32. Facebook
Just cooked a quick meal for the fam....mmmffmhhh....sorry mouth full of food can't speak at the moment...
Blak Prophetz
11/30/2016 at 17:33. Facebook
Everyone has a right to be who they want to be, sometimes our leaders, media, press and society embed ideals within our minds to watch us execute such on each other so they can gain from our frustrations. On a legal note, If a person calls a homosexual individual the derogatory term #Fa##ot it is now considered to be a #CRIME to which they could or would be #Arrested. But if you call a black...
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Blak Prophetz
11/28/2016 at 07:30. Facebook
Interesting - Fighting #Dirt with Dirt - 'The Rabbit Punch' #MohammedAli
Blak Prophetz
11/26/2016 at 11:43. Facebook
Black Friday wot? The black friday rush UK Vs US - LMAO!
Happy Thanks Giv'in to ya'll!!!
Guess they gone a little quiet on this subject now huh...
The real #tweet #trump #NigelFarage
The Pilgrim vs The Indian, So it was said,...Filmed by Naui an Indigenous brother..
"As tribulation draws near, He will speak words and blasphemies to exercise his authority and shall have authority and power to make war against the saints and to conquer every tribe, people, language and nation. Fight amongst yourselves on matters of no significance or consequence as all that matters most stands before you not in body but in words. Enrol to join the weak and the living dead...
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Giuliani’s claim that 93 percent of black murder victims are killed by other blacks... "SORRY BUT I DISAGREED, THOSE FIGURES STALER THAN A HOOKER'S CRUTCH..." - [ Liberationnews.org Link ]
There's something terribly wrong with the police system in America and Trump or Obama can not be bothered to fix it. - Watch the video from this article, its happening a lot to black people and is now happening to white people too. it would appear that the only colour that matters now is not black or white, its #GREEN

Tased in the Chest for 23 Seconds, Dead for 8 Minutes, Now Facing a Lifetime of Recovery

Worried about Trump and what he could, might do precious America? Don't worry he's under 'Mental Dilution' and is now slowly agreeing and starting to morph into your typical leader Obama/Hillary and whatever...Meanwhile in the 'Mother Land' #racism is still blatanly strong, peep this!!.... The brother in the video got kidnapped, beaten and forced into a coffin for merely 'trespassing' so they...
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Well the election is over, the last president could'nt do much to help guys like #MichaelSabbie so I wonder if Trump could or will do any better?..smh
I luv this band but..... If that was then (2013), please don't show me now!!
"It's hard to stop the bullets once you start carelessly buss'in shots!!"

Trump to supporters harassing minorities: 'Stop it'

Musicians should avoid involving themselves in politicians presidential campaigns as politicians switch statements more than the light bulbs of a public toilet.
MORE TO COME!!... What Trump meant was "Let's Make America #Hate Again..."..smh

Ku Klux Klan plans North Carolina 'victory' rally for Trump

This is one of the reasons why I could not understand why the Clinton's got the majority '#BlackPeoples' votes...Yet the press insists on calling Trumps voters #Uneducated. Although a few say this story untrue, I think Hillary's relationship with the FBI could shut down any truths, remember that statement - "I did NOT have sexual relations with that woman"...
America says it was the 'White Uneducated' people who voted for Trump ....but face it, Negros got to be just as uneducated to vote for Hillary...righty? - smh
Although the image is fake, I see a strong resemblance in the very near months to come. Disasters come in the formations of three numbers One, One & Nine. Do the math...

The debate in Parliament to ban him from the UK must now be very embarrassing as I'm sure they'll now have to lick his ass - (see here) [ Parliamentlive.tv Link ]

I'm not surprised of the outcome of this election as I often...
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