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These guys again
Time to take back our courts Jordan
Just skying for a board… No big deal #BlakeDoingBlakeThings
ICYMI: Here’s a highlight from a highlight of my highlight… Yeah, I know. #BlakeDoingBlakeThings
me and Deandre Jordan helping Ketchup and Mustard work through a couples quarrel...
introduction from Google #BeADuo
they're alive!! it'll all make sense tomorrow when Google drops a new film tomorrow #BeADuo
Well this was fun with Deandre Jordan. Something new dropping from @google real soon. #BeADuo #ad

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Instagram video by Blake Griffin • Nov 15, 2016 at 10:42pm UTC

7 straight #BlakeDoingBlakeThings
C’mon Deandre Jordan, you know you see me! #BeADuo #ad
here's a sweet pic of me doing the #mannequinchallenge midgame. sorry i can't find the video but i #killedit trust me #fireemoji #BlakeDoingBlakeThings
I'm just a young kid trying to make it on my AAU team #The5thQuarter from OBB Pictures on go90

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The 5th Quarter | But I'm Just a Little Boy

Happy #Halloween #Blakenstein
Starting the season off with a win #BlakeDoingBlakeThings
Behold… my magic trick #BallLevitation #blakedoingblakethings
Super hang time fall-away jumper... ✅ #BlakeDoingBlakeThings
Tough first game… but it felt great to be back out there!

Griffin cleans up Rivers' miss - ESPN Video

Post tips from KG, I think coaching is in his near future.
hmm looks like he’s still got game (Photo L.A. Clippers)
#MediaDay squad
oh you know, just a couple of buddies hangin' out Google Duo