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I am here to show you how to effectively MEAL PREP for the week! You will learn 5 recipes that all share one common protein - ground turkey!

1. Turkey & Green Beans
2. Asian Lettuce Wraps
3. Turkey & Eggs
4. Zoodles Spaghetti
5. Stuffed Sweet Potato

5 Easy Meal Prep Recipes - all 28 Day Reset approved!

I know eating healthy can get expensive, time consuming and I am here to show you how to effectively MEAL PREP for the week! Today you will learn...

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This past week I did something that I had been dreading for a long time. I even broke down crying earlier in the week from the intensity of the situation. When the day came, my hands were cold and clammy and my heart was beating unusually fast. I was nervous, anxious, and worried all at once. But after it was over, I realized, hey, I survived and whether I was ready for it or not - it happened...
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I know how much planning it takes to eat clean, and sometimes, you just don’t want to have to think. That’s why I’m doing the thinking for you! I want to show you how easy it is to have tasty meals all week long with just a few ingredients. Check my new blog post!

How to Meal Prep! 28 Day Reset Style. |
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CHEAP CLEAN EATS is back!!! This time I'm teaching you how to meal prep! Who here does that? I do it so that I don't have to cook during the week when I'm super busy. And also - it helps save $ when you grocery shop and cook in bulk! My absolute favorite recipe from the entire video is this one - ASIAN LETTUCE WRAPS. So easy to make and tastes like better-than-restaurant-quality wraps! Don't...
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When your activewear matches the flora, you MUST strike a pose!! Guys if there is a super bloom happening near you - or even if you have to drive 3 hrs to get there like we did - do it!!! Seeing fields of flowers is one of nature's most beautiful gifts to us and I want you to experience it!! You will be filled with happiness. It's just so M A G I C A L!!!! Outfit from
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Have you taken advantage of the sale yet?!! 20% off the entire Peony Collection using code "flrpwr" at checkout! [ Link ]
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Umm I would totally wear a sports bra made of flowers!!! Anyone with me or am I cray!??
Try these 4 moves right now! You can even do them in your chair or standing up!

1) Arm Circles x 50
2) Peek-A-Boo's x 50
3) Back Behinds x 25
4) Reach Ups x 40

The full length video: [ Link ]
The hills are alive...with the sound of music! (Alright who totally sang that as you read it!?) Did you guys hear that I'm having a POPFLEX sale!? To celebrate spring, all styles in the Peony Collection are 20% off!!! Just use code "FLRPWR" at checkout. Now go crazy and get some new activewear! [ Link ]
Guys!! I cannot believe that I'm actually in a music video!! Who woulda thunk!? And the best part's for my good friend Lindsey Stirling's new single Hold My Heart! [ Link ]
Have you ever considered getting POP Pilates certified? Maybe some of these thoughts are running through your head?

Stop holding yourself back, get POP Pilates certified! |
Seeing my designs come to life gives me butterflies every. single. time. I don't think it'll ever get old! But there was a point in time where I was barricaded from pursuing my dream - being told that I couldn't do it and that if I did, I'd fail. It hurts the most when it comes from those closest to you. But you can't let what other people say determine your future. YOU are the creator of your...
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Happy Spring!!! Did you see!? Only this week, get 20% off the Peony Collection using the code: FLRPWR

[ Link ]
Omgggggg the first day of Spring is tomorrow!!! I AM SO EXCITED. More flowers. More rompers. Also...I have a surprise for you on Monday! Hint: it involves POPFLEX! Make sure you're following so you know what's up!
New workout! You don't need any equipment and guess what?! There are ZERO pushups. You can even stand the entire time. Invite a friend to join and you will surprise them with what a great upper body workout you can get with no weights!

Sexy Toned Arms Workout | 5 Moves to Your Fittest Arms

This is the ultimate upper body workout that will hit your biceps, triceps, shoulders and back. You don't need any equipment and guess what?! There are ZERO ...

It's time for Dancer's Pose. One of my favorites from the entire #stretchrevolution challenge! My hamstrings have gotten so tight from the increase of sprints I've been doing on the treadmill. Been foam rolling and using lacrosse balls as I stretch at night. Currently watching season 2 of Unreal to get me through the holds and "massages". Anyone else a fan of that show!? I'm addicted!!
How was your St Paddys Day?! Did you wear green?
Was walking around a stationary store the other day and noticed these gorgeous leaves! Don't they look like they're painted!? Further proof that nature is art. Where do you draw inspiration from?