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Want to see any of these in a POP Pilates video?! ;)
Hiedi Hovey-young
Karolina Karo
Renee Cai
yesterday at 04:11. Facebook
"Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end." -Scott Adams

STORYTIME: The other day Sam and I were in line for some smoothies, needing to desperately hydrate ourselves from the hot Singaporean sun. When we were about to pay, the cashier told us that she could not take MasterCard or Visa. Besides the credit cards, we only had US...
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Remember theres no such thing as a small act of kindness Every
Gail Edgson Cary
Camilla Lindegaard
Råj Keerthy
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Kaila McRae
Vena Ig
Mélissande Pace
05/22/2017 at 05:59. Facebook
Currently on my way back to LA. I'm leaving Singapore INCREDIBLY INSPIRED.

I love going to new places and teaching in front of large crowds, but nothing beats the joy of being able to spend quality time with a few new friends. I got to engage in some raw, real and motivating conversations with some of the POPsters in Asia. First of all, I'm floored that people flew in all the way from Japan,...
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Currently on my way back to LA I'm leaving Singapore INCREDIBLY INSPIRED
Weng Shin-yi
Brandy McFadden
Natálie Časarová
05/21/2017 at 21:05. Facebook
Wind down with me in this Stretch & Flexibility Focus video - part 6 of the 6-Week Body Toning Bootcamp! You can use this as a cool down after ANY workout. Listen to the lovely waves as you get more flexible.
Wind down with me in this Stretch Flexibility Focus video part 6

STRETCH & FLEXIBILITY FOCUS // 6-Week Body Toning Bootcamp #6

This is going to be one of the most relaxing, body-opening stretch routines you've ever done. Not only will I show you how to get more flexible in your legs,...

Faith Mays
Gisele Dube Plowman
Dani Hollaus
05/21/2017 at 15:29. Facebook
Honestly, every girl can look good in a bikini, you just need to have the confidence to not care what other people think. I used to be the one at the pool party fully clothed because I didn't want anyone to see my body. If someone asked "Why aren't you going in the pool?" I'd say I was on my period and didn't feel good. And it's not like that was even that long ago...that was in college!...
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Honestly every girl can look good in a bikini you just need
Rhiannon Gullickson
Gail Edgson Cary
Luana Whitford Mitchell
05/21/2017 at 02:30. Facebook
Omg sooooo much fun teaching POP Pilates in Singapore! I don't think I hydrated properly for the heat though. After class I was getting all dizzy during the meet & greet. I've never felt like that post-workout so I immediately asked for some juice to help bring nutrients into my body. So I am all better now! Don't worry! And thank you to everyone who worked out with me this morning then...
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Michelle Soedal
Sallina DeLuca
Samuel Wong
05/20/2017 at 11:41. Facebook
Hmm just realized that I'm wearing overalls in almost all of my last IG pics. WHATEVER! Guys have you watched my latest video "How I Deal with my Insecurities"? Lindsey Stirling and I get real deep about what makes us doubt ourselves and lose self confidence. Here's the thing: to conquer your insecurities, the first thing is to recognize them. Then accept them. What are your insecurities? Be...
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Hmm just realized that Im wearing overalls in almost all of my
Sheila Anne
Sara Mc
Harve Underwood
05/20/2017 at 03:55. Facebook
I invited my friend Lindsey Stirling over to talk about what makes us doubt ourselves, social anxiety, eating disorders, self-esteem issues and how to CONQUER THEM!
I invited my friend Lindsey Stirling over to talk about what makes

How I Deal with my Insecurities ft. Lindsey Stirling

I may seem confident on the outside but I have insecurities. We all do. But to get over them, we have to talk about it and get real honest with ourselves. To...

Talitha Sarah
Kayley Lance
Angela Richmond
05/19/2017 at 23:14. Facebook
Ummmm that's a really big pic of me!!! I just found out that the POPFLEX booth at the FitnessFest shopping village will be open free to the public both Saturday and Sunday! This is the VERY FIRST TIME you'll be able to touch and feel POPFLEX in real life before buying! Plus no international shipping fees. So if you're in Singapore, you better come out! Super limited supply so get your hands...
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Ummmm thats a really big pic of me I just found out
Orange Ng
Qk Gal
LeeTaeying Daydreamer
05/19/2017 at 13:28. Facebook
Trust is the human commodity. You earn it by being selfless to others. You spend it by asking for favors. You lose it by being greedy. When you find someone you can trust, take good care of them and keep them close. Being able to depend on one another is the most solid thing 2 people can have in a relationship. It's the foundation for everything great that will come.
Trust is the human commodity You earn it by being selfless to
Shannon Rene Smith
Crystal Kei
Jacklyn Lovan
05/18/2017 at 23:37. Facebook
Just landed in Singapore! I'm so exhausted from that 18 hr flight but now it's time to get moving and get acclimated to my new time zone!!! Bout to go workout! And as for you? You need to go try my new Arms Focus workout that I posted earlier this week! It is SUPER strength-based and is the to unlocking the sculpt you want in your upper body! Not a single dumbbell involved yet your...
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Corinne Layland-Bachmann
Niki 니키 Skey
Taylor-Shane Gordon
05/18/2017 at 15:16. Facebook
Everyone wants to see how the pic turned out, including Blogidoggy! Guys we have an office dog!!!! Omg omg my dreams have come true! No it's not my dog, it's our graphic designer Victoria's dog named Frankie - hailing all the way from Chicago! The crazy thing is...I've always been obsessed with wiener dogs ever since I was a little girl. As I've grown up, my career has taken me all over the...
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Everyone wants to see how the pic turned out including Blogidoggy Guys
Anna-Kaisa Nässi
Ruth Taylor
Tiffany Ghiorso
05/17/2017 at 21:33. Facebook
????!!! I died when I saw this so I had to get it!!! What food would you wear on a bikini? Comment below with emojis!
I died when I saw this so I had to get
Gail Edgson Cary
Corrinna M Pole
Lucy Love
05/17/2017 at 04:24. Facebook
I'm headed to Singapore tomorrow!!! Ahhh!!! 18 hour flight here I come! ✈ I can't wait to see you guys at Fitness Fest this weekend! I'll be teaching POP Pilates and PIIT28 LIVE! Anddddd there's gonna be POPFLEX for you to touch, feel and buy at our booth! Use code "may15off" to get $15 off your tickets to the festival at See you soon!
Anya Traille
Mabelle Lopez
Lara Aldred
Everything looks good in overalls! The last time I wore these were in middle school. I'm so glad they're back. They're basically rompers, but with a country twist.
Everything looks good in overalls The last time I wore these were
Shannon Rene Smith
Jessica LaLande
Cece Le
It's really true. Negative people want your attention because they thrive off of your energy. Don't give them what they want. Let them starve.
Its really true Negative people want your attention because they thrive off
Kim Stevenson
Abby Taggart
Lana Barre
Samantha Tova
Liz Rojas
Angela Young
My favorite breakfast. I love ???????????? so much! What did you eat today?
My favorite breakfast I love ???????????? so much What did you eat today
Alessia Tripodi
Dorte Nielsen
Amber Healy
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my gorgeous-inside-and-out mommy! I admit that I don't spend enough time with my family. I'm always working because I'm obsessed with creating and designing...I can't get enough of it because it leaves me on a high...but it comes at the expense of being able to spend time with certain people, especially my parents. As we all get older, we have to realize that life isn't...
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HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to my gorgeousinsideandout mommy I admit that I dont
Anna Thomas
Laura Chelsea
Jacqueline Marie