06/22/2017 at 05:10. Facebook
Thinking about what I'm going to eat next. No but seriously though. When I'm sick of being on Instagram and Facebook, and I've read all the news for the day, I go on Yelp and check vegan restaurant reviews. LOL. No really. It's a hobby of mine. I'm so weird. What's a weird quirk you have!?
Thinking about what Im going to eat next No but seriously though
Greta Gaurilčikaitė
Sunny Chen
Roxcell John
yesterday at 18:08. Facebook
You know what being a "Shero" means to me? It means fighting for what you stand for even if it means standing alone. You've got to be bold enough to believe in yourself - bold enough to risk failure - in order to experience the sweet nectar of what it TRULY means to succeed.

Today is 6.21 and will forever be remembered as Sheroic Day to me! Lisa Bilyeu and I dropped not one, but 3⃣ episodes...
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You know what being a Shero means to me It means fighting
Kayla May
Megan R. Muncy
Breana Penton
yesterday at 06:56. Facebook
The Sheroic Podcast is something I've been wanting to launch for a LONG TIME. But I knew that in order to do it right - in order to give you guys TRUE VALUE - in order to help you guys find your fearlessness - I needed to take my time and not rush into it. I also knew that finding the right co-host was IMPERATIVE to the podcast's integrity, longevity, and success. So, I'm super thrilled for...
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Mima Vasiljević
Lorena Merary Vazquez
Amanda Higdon Mohler
yesterday at 00:33. Facebook
Growing up, people called me: Bossy. Conceited. Arrogant. But the truth is - boys would act the same way I did, but they'd call him: Ambitious. Visionary. A Leader. ???? You know what? At first it affected me, but then I decided that I wasn't going to change myself to please other people. ☝ I kept doing my thing. I surrounded myself with people who got me. Got that I wasn't trying to be...
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Growing up people called me Bossy Conceited Arrogant But the truth is
Aíne Mitchell
Chia Marie
Jeannine Nelson
06/20/2017 at 17:07. Facebook
My favorite season is here! Yay for ☀ and ! AND GUYS. I'm surprising you with a POPFLEX SALE! How's 20% off all Mermaid sound!?

If you've been waiting, now is the time to shop! I'm wearing my FAVORITE - the Draw the Line Leggings. They have pockets! And pockets make me ☺. Use code "summerdays" at
My favorite season is here Yay for and AND GUYS Im surprising
Al Samil
Brandy McFadden
Jade Spring
06/20/2017 at 13:11. Facebook
Testing out partner yoga poses with Jackelyn and trying really hard not to fall in the pool!
Testing out partner yoga poses with Jackelyn and trying really hard not
Denise Santana
Tonya Dages Richards
Maddie Keldahl
06/19/2017 at 17:33. Facebook
A little reminder as we start off the week: DO NOT live to please others if you aren't happy with yourself first.
A little reminder as we start off the week DO NOT live
Marcí Mares
Kylie Gough
Winalyn Peters
06/19/2017 at 10:10. Facebook
The past couple weeks have been INSANE for me. Work has tested my mental endurance to the MAX. It was so nice to have some detox time this weekend with my sister, Jackelyn! Play. Chill. Eat. Relax. Sleep. How was your weekend?
The past couple weeks have been INSANE for me Work has tested
Anna-Kaisa Nässi
Gail Edgson Cary
Harve Underwood
06/18/2017 at 21:38. Facebook
Happy Father's Day to my hard-working dad. I think those 2 words best describe him. Throughout our disastrous debates and nearly relationship-destroying arguments, I admit I've tried pushing him away. But as I grow older, I realize this: my dad is intense because he loves me intensely. He may not know how to talk softly and ask me how I'm doing, but through his actions - like washing my car or...
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Happy Fathers Day to my hardworking dad I think those 2 words
Elizabeth Elam McGarry
Laura Chelsea
Lore Streufert
06/18/2017 at 15:47. Facebook
NEW workout just went live! I seriously LOVE this location! Hope you do too.

It's going to be a fun POP Pilates routine that feels like a dance on the mat and your abdominals, inner thighs and outer thighs are going to be whipped into shape. Have fun!
NEW workout just went live I seriously LOVE this location Hope you do too

Sculpted Thighs & Tight Abs | Apartment Friendly Workout

The two most popular muscle group requests are always for thighs and abs so I wanted to do an apartment friendly workout targeting these two areas. It's goin...

Fran Zi
Rebecca Lorina Blackmore
Zoe Burt
06/18/2017 at 03:08. Facebook
A couple weeks ago, Lisa and I did a Wonder Woman-esque photoshoot with in celebration of the NEW Sheroic Podcast! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! ???? We climbed ladders, ripped through walls and wore capes! I can't wait to show you the magic that the entire Blogifam created on June 21st!!! ✨ Have you subscribed to "The Sheroic Podcast" yet!? What topics do you want us to cover? Ask ANY and ALL questions...
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A couple weeks ago Lisa and I did a Wonder Womanesque photoshoot
Ashley Booth
Roz Tom English
Rosalie Gaffney
06/17/2017 at 15:57. Facebook
Modeling skillz. NOT. HAPPY SATURDAY!!!! Are you having a good day? If not, you know you have the power to change that right!? Choose to see things in a positive light!
Harve Underwood
06/17/2017 at 04:09. Facebook
There's no elevator to success. You've got to take the stairs, honey buns.
There's no elevator to success You've got to take the stairs honey buns
Jerry Bob
Harve Underwood
Ian Dunn
06/16/2017 at 17:45. Facebook
I didn't grow up rich. In fact, it was far from that. My family brought me up in a shack - literally it was a converted wooden garage. 1 bed, 1 bath for 4 people. It would flood when it rained too hard. We had mouse traps everywhere because the mice would eat away at our bags of rice .

My parents taught me and my sister that $ was hard to come by and that if we wanted it, we had to save it...
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I didnt grow up rich In fact it was far from that
Ashley Booth
Sarah Ann Martine
Line Røsæg
06/16/2017 at 03:18. Facebook
I've been dying to share with you the entrepreneur side of me for years now, and the struggles and triumphs that go on behind the scenes! Something really exciting is coming VERY soon!
Ive been dying to share with you the entrepreneur side of me

5 Honest Ways to Get What you WANT in Life!

There are sides of me you don't see and don't get to know. I'm more than just the bubbly fitness instructor you see on YouTube. I've been dying to share with...

Barbara Chattel Beason
06/15/2017 at 15:15. Facebook
Avocado all day! I'm so sad that I didn't get to go to the avocado bar in Brooklyn (I discovered it while getting sucked into one of those viral foodie vids on FB that you watch silently even though there's sound) so I decided to make my own! Which one of these do you fancy? Avo + onion, avo + spinach + parmesan, avo + basil, or avo + onion + tomato?
Avocado all day Im so sad that I didnt get to go
Jay Falgout
Christine Kruse Plaskett
Rachel Perez
06/15/2017 at 03:43. Facebook
Ashley Huckabee
Aesha Patel
Angel Wertman
Don't be afraid of trying. BE AFRAID OF NOT KNOWING. I would never want to live life thinking "what if?" I'd rather fall over and over again than risk living a life of missed opportunities and regrets.
Dont be afraid of trying BE AFRAID OF NOT KNOWING I would
Cherry Von Dee
Courtney DesForge
Katie Dineen
A lil New York City style today! Wearing something that makes me feel beautiful also makes me feel CONFIDENT. How would you describe your style? I'm very girly!
A lil New York City style today Wearing something that makes me
Marina Ferro
Brittney Chin
Paj Vue
Summer rolls. My favorite. So much veggie in one bite! Have you guys ever played with rice paper wraps? They are so fun!! I grew up eating them as a kid! Do you want to learn how to make my version of a delicious Vietnamese summer roll? Maybe next Cheap Clean Eats?
Summer rolls My favorite So much veggie in one bite Have you
Rachel Oestreich
Kelly Hunt
Noor Khan