Losing coral reefs would endanger the livelihoods, culture, food security, and health for millions of people in developing nations, yet there's been no global plan to save them – until now. In response to the damage inflicted by climate change, our new #50Reefs initiative will find and protect the reefs that can be saved to help ensure their future, for ocean life and all life: 50Reefs.org.
Dr. Frank Chaloupka from the University of Illinois at Chicago and Jo Birckmayer of Bloomberg Philanthropies explain the Big Idea behind tobacco taxation and how this policy tool is saving millions of people around the world. Be sure to leave your questions in the comments.
Building on The Ocean Agency and The University of Queensland - UQ’s work, our new 50 Reefs initiative is a first-of-its-kind plan to reverse an unseen impact of climate change: the destruction of coral reefs. Bringing together a world-class cohort of scientists and conservation practitioners, and a new global approach to inspire public support, 50 Reefs will work to protect the world’s most...
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Did you know that tobacco taxation is the most effective tobacco control policy? Even smokers support increasing tobacco taxes. Join us in a new Facebook Live series this THURSDAY at 4:30pm ET as we break down the Big Idea behind tobacco taxation and answer your questions.
Tobacco use and related diseases claim 6 million lives every year, and cost the world’s economies more than US $1 trillion in healthcare expenditures and lost productivity. Learn five keys facts about how tobacco taxation can help lower these numbers: [ Bloombg.org Link ].

5 Things You Should Know About Tobacco Taxes

“Climate of Hope,” the new book by Mike Bloomberg and Carl Pope coming this April, offers a new perspective on climate change. Kirkus Reviews says it’s an optimistic one: [ Bloombg.org Link ].
Like Mexico, South Africa’s health and economy will benefit from the sugary drink tax and other efforts to decrease obesity and reduce disease.

Cut diabetes, obesity down to size

Encouraging public health progress in Slovenia: The country’s parliament has accepted a range of proven anti-tobacco measures – including plain packaging and limits on advertising of tobacco products – in an effort to curb the average 10 deaths per day on account of smoking.

Slovenia passes law enforcing plain tobacco packaging from 2020

Our partners Vital Strategies and the World Health Organization (WHO) have published a new report with India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on the effectiveness of the country’s tobacco-free Film Rule policy. While most films with tobacco scenes are compliant, only 27% implement every element of the rule – reinforcing the need for stronger implementation around the country: [...
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Philanthropists are shifting away from traditional giving to institutions like hospitals and universities, using their wealth to invest in positive social change: [ Bloombg.org Link ] via Co.Exist

America's Most Generous Donors Are Giving Less But Betting Bigger

More than 375,000 images of artworks in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York's collection are now available for free download. We’re excited to support the institution’s new Open Access policy, the latest step in The Met’s ongoing and innovative effort to bring art to broader audiences.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Puts 375,000 Public-Domain Images in Creative Commons | ARTnews

Support for the arts, education, public health, government innovation, and the environment is more important than ever. To continue to fund and expand these programs, our founder Mike Bloomberg gave away $600.1 million last year, ranking him no. 2 in The Chronicle of Philanthropy's 50 list.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy 50 List

Progress on strengthening early cancer diagnosis and providing basic treatment are two steps every country can take to save millions of lives. Learn more about the World Health Organization (WHO)'s new guidance to improve chances of survival around the world: [ Bloombg.org Link ]. #WorldCancerDay
On World Cancer Day, we must remember that it’s not only the medical community or public health professionals that can reduce cancer – governments and citizens can also take action to address and prevent this leading killer. Read more from our public health lead Dr. Kelly Henning.

What Governments Can Do To Address Cancer | Bloomberg Philanthropies

In 2015, nearly 12,000 people in Fortaleza, Brazil were injured and killed in road crashes - with motorcyclists and their passengers making up the biggest share. To prevent these fatalities, our partner Vital Strategies is working with the City of Fortaleza to promote a new campaign encouraging people to wear helmets: [ Bloombg.org Link ] #RoadSafety
Six students from remote parts of the country share their diverse perspectives on attending college.

Voices From Rural America on Why (or Why Not) to Go to College

The new Tate app, supported by Bloomberg Connects, brings together everything visitors need to explore the galleries and learn more about the art they encounter. See how the app helps users access in-depth information about the collection, including more than 350 specially-recorded interviews with curators and artists: [ Bloombg.org Link ].
Smoking kills and costs the global economy more than USD $1 trillion annually in healthcare expenditures and lost productivity. Say #NoTobacco!
Public Art Challenge winner Seeing Spartanburg created 10 different installations across diverse City of Spartanburg, SC neighborhoods for residents to develop stronger community relationships – rooted in safety, vibrancy, and collaboration.

Seeing Spartanburg in a New Light

Official health records like birth and death certificates are creating new opportunities for families around the world. Spouses can access pensions, children can attend schools, and other new social benefits become available for the first time. Our Data for Health Initiative is helping to ensure everyone counts – and Vital Strategies' new #WeCount campaign is sharing those stories.

#WeCount | Vital Strategies