Our Vibrant Oceans Initiative focuses on boosting fish populations around the world through reform in both commercial and local fishing practices. In this clip from our Follow the Data podcast, CEO Andy Sharpless from our grantee Oceana explains the benefits of sustainable fishing practices – tune in to the full episode to hear how we’re working to achieve this around the world:...
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In its first few months, ArtHouse: A Social Kitchen has become a community gathering space that supports local residents and emerging businesses – fulfilling the promise to provide a new platform for economic and artistic activity in downtown Gary, IN.
Tune in today at 12:30pm ET to see the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy’s first #Cities4Climate panel with POLITICO Europe and learn more about cities’ opportunity to implement local solutions to sustainable transport: [ Bloombg.org Link ]

CITIES4CLIMATE 2020 – Sustainable Transport and Energy Networks: Reinventing the Wheel

Coal power is an old technology that’s holding us back, harming our environment and killing more than 5,000 Americans every year. Our work with the Sierra Club Beyond Coal campaign is helping U.S. communities transition to cleaner energy – and a more powerful economy. With more than 250 coal plants committed to retirement so far, we look forward to saving more lives and protecting our natural...
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Our work with the Sierra Club to help announce 251 coal plant retirements through the Beyond Coal campaign is an encouraging reminder that America will continue working towards a cleaner future, regardless of Washington. Today we’re one step closer to ending America’s reliance on dirty coal, continuing work at the local level to meet our Paris climate goals. [ Bloombg.org Link ]

Milestone 250th and 251st American Coal Plants Announce Retirement

Together with The Aspen Institute and AtlanticLIVE, we’re excited to bring our annual conference of global mayors and urban experts – CityLab – to the City of Light. #CityLabParis.


Women leaders around the world are making a defining difference in the fight against climate change. At today’s C40 Cities #Women4Climate conference, we’re continuing to advance a low-carbon agenda spanning education, innovation, and economic equality – encouraging more women to lead the way towards a more sustainable future. [ Bloombg.org Link ]
Meet some of the women leading the fight against climate change today at the C40 Cities #Women4Climate Summit.
Women around the world are leading the charge on climate action, and C40 Cities’ #Women4Climate event tomorrow will shed light on their progress. Join us here LIVE at 8:30am ET and 10am ET as we broadcast the opening sessions, featuring Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, D.C. Mayor Bowser, and more.
Congratulations to our partner, Tate, whose Bloomberg Connects app was selected as a 2017 Gold Award winner by the iF International Forum Design for its personalized focus on users.

Tate Gallery / Dayfinding app

"An investment in women is an investment in community, country and nations." Today, we joined more than 300 Bloomberg LP volunteers and local NYC students for the third young women’s leadership summit at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. The event featured networking, panel discussions, and speakers – including our women’s economic development lead, Verna Eggleston.
A new op-ed by Dr. Tom Frieden, former director of the CDC and Commissioner of the NYC Health Department, describes how soda taxes can significantly improve a country’s public health by lowering sugar consumption.

This tax could save your life

Earlier this week, our Bloomberg Aspen Initiative on Cities and Autonomous Vehicles took its first major steps: gathering mayors from 10 cities with leading voices in the auto industry and tech sectors. Check out five key insights from our government innovation lead Jim Anderson.

Autonomous Vehicles: Putting Cities in the Driver’s Seat

The UK will impose a new tax on sugary beverages in April 2018, doubling down on the effort to prevent obesity while generating revenue – and motivating companies to reduce the amount of sugar in their products.

New sugar tax confirmed in fight to combat rising obesity

The Council on Foreign Relations’ new interactive report, “The Emerging Crisis: Noncommunicable Diseases,” highlights the growing threat these diseases pose for developing nations.

Noncommunicable Diseases

Just announced: From the Ashes, a film we produced with RadicalMedia LLC, premieres April 26th at the Tribeca Film Festival. The film is a compelling look at the lives and issues behind the “war on coal” and captures Americans as they wrestle with the legacy and future of the coal industry. [ Fromtheashesfilm.com Link ]
Whether collaborating with our partners to provide maternal health care, working with local governments to support career and skills training for women in Africa, or supporting women mayors fighting climate change around the world, we recognize the critical role that women have within the global community. #InternationalWomensDay [ Bloombg.org Link ]
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Coral reefs provide jobs, food and medicine for hundreds of millions of people in low- and middle-income countries, yet are on the brink of extinction in our lifetime. Together with The Tiffany & Co. and The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation (Vulcan Inc.), we’re supporting the first global plan to save coral reefs from the devastating impacts of climate change, pollution, and poor fishing...
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Team Gary, Indiana is embracing art as a tool to strengthen the local economy and build community pride. In a new op-ed, Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson explains Public Art Challenge-winning project ArtHouse: A Social Kitchen’s critical role as a public space, cultural hub, culinary incubator, and source of local pride: [ Bloombg.org Link ]

Gary, Indiana mayor: Can art save our city? Here's our creative answer