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01/13/2017 at 14:42. Facebook
Clinging on to Christmas like...
Congratulations on making it through the first week back, and happy first weekend of the year!
What's your favourite festive tipple? #LetItBlossom
Who will you be puckering up with under the mistletoe?
Secret Santa’s supposed to be anonymous, but if you sign the tag they’ll know who to share it with #LetItBlossom
Blossom Hill Rose + 1/4 tsp Nutmeg + 4 Cloves + 2 tbsp Sugar + Vanilla + Cinnamon Stick. Heat to taste. Strain & serve. #LetItBlossom
This Christmas, only open the door to carol singers bearing wine #LetItBlossom
++=???? #LetItBlossom
Love your wine extra cool? Why not try it over ice with friends #LetItBlossom
#ClocksGoBack #LetItBlossom
Finally a pumpkin that won’t scare off your friends. #LetItBlossom
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End your summer in style with a cool glass of frosé. It’s frozen rosé, what else would we call it?

Blossom Hill
Which colour has caught your eye this fashion week? Red, White or Rosé? #Fashion
Calling all Brides-to-be! For a chance to WIN VIP tickets to The National Wedding Show; simply comment which show you’d like to attend (London, Birmingham or Manchester) along with a picture of you and your Maid of Honour!
We’ll bring the wine, just promise you won’t dance on the tables. #ShareALittleLoveliness [ Link ]

T&C’s: [ Link ]
Liven up your night in with one of our boxsets! #ShareALittleLoveliness
We see clouds forming so it's probably best not to risk it, why not organise a night in with the girls #ShareALittleLoveliness
Go out feeling absolutely fabulous or stay in with your favourite 2 broke girls. #ShareALittleLoveliness
Because you can’t propose a toast with BBQ Ribs.
Congratulations Team GB. We’re having one last huddle in your honour. #ShareALittleLoveliness