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You can do wonders for your skin using simple kitchen ingredients at home, and of course, a touch of #AromaMagic! Our new blog post has all the tips and tricks to make you glow! #BlossomKochhar #AromaLove #EarthToBottle
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Tips to keep your skin Fresh & Glowing
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Dr. Blossom Kochhar doing a shoot with India News.
Follow this space to see her talking about #essentialoils & ways to protect your skin from #Tan!

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Don't want your skin to feel like the dry lemon? Moisturise yourself with some Vitamin C, get your stock here: [ Link ]
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Truly natural, truly lovable. Shop for our products at [ Link ] #BlossomKochhar #EarthToBottle #AromaMagic
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A wonderful place, two beautiful people and one enlighting book. Dr. Blossom Kochhar along with Vinita Nangia had an engaging book reading session at Cha Bar. A plethora of book lovers, reviewers and media attended the session.

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The stage is all set!
Meet Dr. Blossom Kochhar & @Vinitadawranangia at the #ChaBar
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Thinking of stepping out for some alone time? Pamper yourself with yummy delicacies and relax in the cozy Tea Room by #BlossomKochhar in HKV! Thank you for this lovely mention Whats Hot Delhi!

10 Best Places For Dining Alone In Delhi NCR
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Dr. Blossom Kochhar's book being presented to Ms. #SalmaAnsari by Ms. Ratan Kaul.

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Don't forget to join Blossom Kochhar and Vinita Nangia tomorrow for a book reading session at Cha Bar, Connaught Place! We have a special surprise for whoever asks the best question in the Q&A session! #BlossomKochhar #AromaMagic #AromaLove
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#EssentialOils can be used by men as well! Read today's blog to get great recommendations by Blossom Kochhar on how men can use essential oils on a daily basis. #AromaLove #AromaMagic #ForMen #EarthToBottle #BlossomKochhar
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Be the sensuous man with the right blends
Blossom Kochhar will be at Cha Bar on the 16th of February for a book reading session with Vinita Nangia! #BlossomKochhar #AromaLove #AromaMagic #EarthToBottle
Join us at Cha Bar for a book reading session with Blossom Kochhar of her new book 'Aromatherapy - A Way of Life' with Vinita Dawra Nangia on the 16th of January!
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Love Potions by Blossom Kochhar. Enjoy a relaxing bath this Valentine's Day! #AromaMagic #Love #AromaLove #BlossomKochhar #EarthToBottle
The easiest way to make the perfect massage oil concoction! Here is the #Aromatherapy Love Potion! Straight from Blossom Kochhar's book!
Dr. Blossom Kochhar along with other panelists Anurag Batra & #Arunavasudev had an engaging book reading session at the #DelhiLiteratureFest. Dr. Kochhar talked about her book, how Aromatherapy can be a part of your life, help in dealing with ailments and how it can improve your love life.

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Don't forget to join Blossom Kochhar today at the Delhi Lit Fest for her book reading session! #AromaLove #EarthToBottle #AromaMagic
Kick start the your romantic week with #Neroli #EssentialOil, it is the perfect aphrodisiac. Get your bottle here: [ Link ]
Delhi Literature Festival on at Dilli Haat,INA and Blossom Kochhar will be there on the 11th of February for a book reading session along with Anurag Batra and Aruna Vasudev! Join us there! #AromaMagic #AromaTherapy #EarthToBottle #BlossomKochhar