Many of the suspects we contact every day have no regard for the lives of police officers.

Female Arlington Police Officer Repeatedly Run Over By Suspect
A Portland Mayoral candidate confessed to the assault which seriously injured a Trump supporter (w/video of assault):

Portland Mayoral Candidate Jesse Sponberg: I Knocked Out Trump Supporter At Airport Protest
This mayor said that his city's officer should be executed among other horrible things. Now that officer is fighting back.

Wapato Officer Michael Campos Sues Mayor For $1.5 Million After Mayor Calls For His Execution
Shout out to our friends at Black Rifle Coffee: After Starbucks vowed to hire 10,000 refugees, our Black Rifle Coffee vowed to hire 10,000 veterans.

Veteran-Owned Coffee Company Chides Starbucks By Promising To Hire 10,000 Veterans
This pastor was ambushed and executed for no apparent reason other than his security guard uniform looked like a Denver police uniform. Now his family is left with nothing.

Suspect Sneaked Up On Security Officer And Shot Him In the Head, In Execution-Style Murder
What's most disturbing is that officers who were at work, with no patrol car in the driveway, had their homes targeted as well.

Targeted Attack On At Least Seven Indianapolis Area Officer's Homes In One Night
How would you feel if your coworker and friend was murdered by prisoners, and you had to drive past these scumbags on your way to the place where he was killed?

Protesters Show Up At Vaughn Prison To Support Sgt Floyd's Killers
The media has been under-reporting on this riot. As these videos show, this was an organized violent attack.

7 Videos Of Violence At The UC Berkeley Riot
Innocent people beaten last night. It's long past time that these anarchists are branded as terrorists, hunted down in their homes, and prosecuted as such. President Trump responds to the violent riot last night:

Violent Riots With Innocent People Attacked, Bombs Thrown At Police At UC Berkeley
This is what our Chicago heroes face: 310 people shot in one month.

Chicago: 53 Killed, 257 Wounded By Gun Violence In January Alone
Caught bullying a police officer, she claims she was a victim of the "'most vicious cyberbullying" organized by police officers from U.S. over 'pig' remark'"

'Pig' Mayor Eula Clarke Forced Out As Mayor, Refuses To Resign As Commissioner