With the holiday shopping season behind us, here are a few tips on stretching the budget (or lack thereof) this month.

• Hit the shops with a plan. Check out promotions and make lists. This will ensure you stick to your budget.

• Just ‘cos it’s on sale doesn’t mean it’s the best price. And if it’s not in budget, don’t be tempted.

• Shop around. Shopping online makes it easier to do...
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Back to school, back to reality.
Grab your favourite Crusty Creature (we recommend Summer), and transform an ordinary sarmie into a Mmmm Yum masterpiece.
Calling all Mmmm Yum brainiacs. Unscramble the image and name the sandwich.
How five minutes will revolutionise breakfast in 2017.

• Spray a ramekin with non-stick spray, add one egg and use a fork to break the egg up.
• Add two teaspoons of grated cheese (cheddar, gouda or even Parmesan).
• Microwave for 45 to 60 seconds in 15 second increments.
• Toast your Blue Ribbon bread while the eggs cook.
• Serve and enjoy.
A toast – to a prosperous new year with Blue Ribbon.
Make sure your little ones get their fruit intake in between all the fun in the sun with this easy-to-make treat. You will need:
• Blue berries
• Bananas
• Grapes
• Watermelon

It’s so simple – get the kids involved.
Festive leftovers make the best sarmies.

Spread some mustard on a slice of Blue Ribbon bread. Add a few slices of boerewors and steak (or any other leftover meat you may have), top with cheese and caramelised onions, toast until crispy and savour that festive Mmmm Yum flavour.
Season’s Greetings from Blue Ribbon.
Start your Christmas Eve the Mmmm Yum way. Get the little ones involved and spot the Blue Ribbon loaf – now a source of vitamin D.

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Doing a roadtrip this holiday? Roads may appear longer than they seem when boredom sets in. Fun activities can reduce the frequency of ‘are we there yet’. Try these:

• Listen to the band, Toast, on full blast.
• Whenever you see a VW Beetle, shout Punch Buggy and playfully punch the person next to you.
• Take turns asking 21 Questions to find out what the other person is thinking.
• ‘I spy...
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Building sandcastles and spashing in the sea is bound to end in growling tummies.

Pack a cooler bag of scrumptious chilled chicken mayo and celery sarmies. Remember to put lettuce between your Blue Ribbon slices and the filling to prevent your sarmie from going soggy.

Mmmm Yum in the sun.
Toasting in the sun is the order of the day. But if you’re still going to work, squeeze in some time to recharge your batteries with your go-to Mmmm Yum sarmie, now a source of vitamin D, to remain productive and beat end-of-year fatigue.
Nothing beats a family picnic basket full of your favourite Mmmm Yum sarmies, treats, fresh fruit and plenty to drink.

Did you know this sneaky picnic trick? Toast the bread slightly to keep moisture out and pack fillings such as tuna and chicken in separate containers. You can build the sandwiches once you reach the picnic spot.
Moms know the struggle of getting little ones to stop playing long enough to eat. Unless they have some Mmmm Yum tricks.

Give your kids the goodness of half brown and half white sandwiches. Use Blue Ribbon Low GI White Bread and Blue Ribbon Low GI Crushed Wheat Brown Bread to pack in the nutrients.

A puzzle-shaped cookie cutter turns the delicious into a delight.
There’s more to being a great host than just a sparkling personality – you should be able to keep your guests well-fed and entertained with minimal effort. With a few loaves of Blue Ribbon bread in your kitchen, you can’t go wrong with some simple bread-based snacks to whip up when you have friends…

Loafing around with friends - Blue Ribbon

Surprise your little ones on the last day of school with a tasty (and healthy) treat.

One whole avo added to this brownie recipe turns up the richness and takes the chocolatey treat from naughty to nice.

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You’ll need more Blue Ribbon loaves – now a source of vitamin D – these holidays.

Remember to recycle the empty bread packets and if there’s a bread tag initiative at your child’s school, stash them away for next year.
Beat the heat and keep your little ones entertained with water balloon piñatas.

Fill up water balloons, hang them over a kiddies pool, equip the kids with pool noodles and let the fun ensue.
Who you gonna call?