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Congratulations Soraya Asmal for winning our FEEL GOOD competition! You have won a R250 WOOLWORTHS SA voucher.

We loved your response so much and felt it strongly spoke to all round wellness and feeling good which is what we are all about.

Here's to a 'New year, new lease on life' in 2017!

Well done!
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We are so excited to share our 5 finalists of our FEEL GOOD competition with you!

We were so inspired by your honest and motivating plans for the year ahead. Thanks to each of you for opening up to us.

Keep your eyes peeled! The winner of the R250 WOOLWORTHS SA voucher will be announced this afternoon!

***We were so overwhelmed by everyones great feed back, we believe you are all winners...
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Are you on a New Year health-kick? Tell us and win a R250 WOOLWORTHS SA voucher to get started!

Is it a full-on detox, an awesome workout plan, or simply a decision to make healthier choices overall?

Tell us your your 2017 plan for feeling good by commenting below to enter.

T&C's apply. Winner announced Friday 20th Jan 2017.
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We’re back into the healthy swing of things, how are you kicking your year off?

A. Full on detox
B. Upping your exercise
C. Healthier lifestyle choices
D. Something else, tell us about it
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Start your year on the right foot!

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Just for you!

Courtesy of Team Blueboost and our trusted squad of blueberry doctors (yes, really!)

Read about it here: [ Link ]
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Give your kids lunchbox a blue power up!

SMURFBERRIES by Blueboost now available at Checkers stores nation wide.

Like our page for more info.

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More goodness from Blueboost and Checkers and this time it's for the littilies!

Introducing Smurfberries. All the goodness of blueberries pre-packed in Smurfy tubs and ready for the lunchbox.
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This proves that healthy really can be yummy!

Kelly Lynch - Dietician has conjured up the most delicious healthy berry biscuits. Naturally sweetened with bananas and berries, they're a great back to school treat for the kidlets.

[ Link ]

Nutritious and Delicious Blueberry Biscuits
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Start fresh!

12/29/2016. Facebook
Video recipe: Low-carb Chilli Poppers

POP into the New Year with these delicious low-carb chilli popper fiesta boats.

12/27/2016. Facebook
This has berry Christmas, a fresh New Year and Blue Goodness all on one plate!

Good going Anett Velsberg
12/25/2016. Facebook
May you bellies be full and your hearts be overflowing with love this Christmas Day!

<3 Team Blueboost
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Shower your family with PRESENCE these holidays!

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+ = Blueberry Christmas Fizz!

Turn up the sound and get into the mood with the most delicious thing you’ll drink all year.

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That moment when you open a perfect avo
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All of the nice with none of the naughty