Details about the submission, Festival rules and downloadable forms are available at: . Closing date for all submissions 5pm (UK time) Friday 27 January 2017."

Maxine Watts, Artistic Director of Reclaim Photography Festival

Reclaim Photography Festival
Happy New Year, photography junkies! May your shutters click all year long! We wish you joy, health and success, as well as lots of photographic inspiration in the year 2017.

Our special New Year's FREE issue - BLUR Gallery 2016 - celebrates all the amazing photography published in BLUR Gallery 24 over the course of 2016 and is now available for download on our website: [
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BLUR Gallery 2016
Special New Year's FREE issue - BLUR Gallery 2016 - now available for download: [ Link ]
Special New Year's FREE issue - BLUR Gallery 2016 - now available for download: [ Link ]
December is here, and with our latest issue, featuring portfolios and interviews with 12 amazing artists, as well as 24 awesome single photos in BLUR Gallery.

In this issue we're prominently featuring Jim McHughes' iconic images of celebrities such as Bono, Keanu Reeves and Samuel L. Jackson, among others, as well as projects by Stefan Frölich, Jady Bates, Svitlana Myslyvets, Katarzyna...
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Issue 52
Be sure to check out The Photographic Nude 2017, a juried exhibition celebrating fine art nude photography, hosted by our friends from the Lightbox Photographic Gallery!

Submissions are open until December 11th!

The Photographic Nude 2017
NOORA-MAIJA TOKEE | Finland | [ Link ]

“The forest answers in the same way one shouts at in is a story about Finnish nature found in forests. We are the voice of the forest and when the forest shouts, we need to respond. The forest is scary, comforting, magical, and powerful at the same time. The photographs in the series mix reality and dreams, link to the ancient myths...
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“The images within this body of work are a collection of photographic narratives based on my personal interpretations of the music and lyrics by the singer-song writer Tom Waits. Over the past many years I have endeavored on a project that filters and renders my experiences, emotions, and quest for purpose through my understanding of his...
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We're proud to announce that one of BLUR's team members, Michael Kirchoff, is hosting a solo exhibition "Fractured", a collection of Polaroid Photographs taken between 2007 and 2016, all photographed using discontinued and expired Polaroid film!

The exhibition is now showing at the Art Center Gallery at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, CA from 10/3/16 - 11/18/16 with an opening reception...
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Fractured: Polaroid Photographs in a Digital Age, by Michael Kirchoff
It's that time of the year; the autumn is coming! And with it BLUR Issue no. 51 (October/November), with a whopping 250 pages of phenomenal photography; an extra 50 pages as a thank you to all the new subscribers we welcomed to the BLUR family over the last two months!

Issue 51 features 12 artists with detailed portfolios and projects, as well as 24 artists showcased in BLUR Gallery. You can...
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Issue 51
As the final days of August inch closer, it's important to remember another important part of photographic history which took place almost in parallel with Daguerre's experiments we mentioned in our last blog post.

It was William Talbot's invention of calotype, the first process which managed to capture a negative image on a piece of paper.

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The first negative
NICOLAS GUÉRIN | France | [ Link ]

„I came into contact with photography at 15-years-old when I fell in love, and I wanted to keep moments of her. It was from the very beginning as an amateur deeply connected to my own emotions. I shoot people I love, and I love the people I shoot. I guess I have the ability to look at people with indulgence and try to show their best side....
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