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I guess nature is trying to tell us that spring has finally arrived.
What are your top reasons to get out & on the bike - got a picture for us?
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Meet the Hover Ride - the result of a collaboration between LEGO Technic and BMW Motorrad. Who else wants one?
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When your bike is good looking enough to make art out of.
Credit: @josh_s1krr
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Joy Lewis enjoying a day in Tokyo on her R nineT Racer.
Get the inside scoop on exploring this amazing, multi-faceted city here: [ Link ]
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We all know the delights of two wheels.
But do you know what goes into your bike's great paint-job?

Nicolas Draeger
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In case you missed it: The destination of the Int. GS Trophy 2018 was revealed last night. How will you prepare for the challenge?
More at:
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The best kind of sunrise includes a bike.
Credit: [ Link ]
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Hi International GS Trophy Fans,
we are sorry for being a little bit late.
We will start soon. Stay tuned.
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Get the full scoop on the #RnineTRacer in Japan here: [ Link ]
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Legend tells of a bike, so legendary, that rainbows appear when it's parked.
Credit: [ Link ] from Japan.
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Presentation at SWISS-MOTO of the first BMW from VTR customs for the 2017 Essenza - The Essence of Motorcycles 1/8 mile sprint race with pilot Amelie Mooseder
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What makes an adventure in Southeast Asia worth it?
Read on and find out.

GS World Tour
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Some members of your BMW Motorrad Team think it's about time to start the season. Who of you is already out there on the road?
Want to share your goosebumps? #RideandShare
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Look out at IMOT and SWISS-MOTO for the stunning new BMW Motorrad „Machined Parts“ for the NineT family. They have been styled by Roland Sands Design!
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How do you prepare for a big adventure?
If you're up for some chuckles, read how Andy Dukes does it.
Or watch it here: [ Link ]

Ready for the adventure?
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Beautiful from afar, and far from beautiful does not apply to the GS.
More adventures at the tip of Africa: Karoo Biking Biking
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Some more cool BMW custom bike detail shots from