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Reasons why we love Cornwall... it's home to this amazing open-air theatre which overlooks a breath-taking view. Who knows the name?
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W O W ! Some amazing over/under shots in this video - which one is your favourite?
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Weekends... #Surf #Adventure #Explore
What are you all up to?
12/09/2016 at 20:45. Facebook
The power of UNLEASHED! Happy weekend everyone :)
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If your mind is day-dreaming of waves in warmer climes then don't you worry... we've got you covered with 5 Winter Surfing Escapes!
Are you heading anywhere this Winter? Add your trips in the comments

5 Winter Surfing Escapes | Boardmasters Festival 2017

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Remember to take a step back & soak it all in
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There is only 1 week left to enter Surfers Against Sewage 2016 Charity Raffle. They have 12 INCREDIBLE prizes lined up and you'll be helping to raise vital funds for their campaigns at the same time.

Book of five 2016 raffle tickets β€’ Surfers Against Sewage

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We are LOVING 8 year old Sky's attitude

"It doesn't matter if you're a boy or girl, big or small, young or old - you can do anything"

Stay awesome, Sky.
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Take a peek at some of our favourite tracks right now. We'd love to hear yours!

5 tracks we're LOVING at Boardmasters HQ right now

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A huge well done to Save The Waves on the success of their #NatureTrumpsWalls campaign and all of YOU who signed the petition!

Breaking News: Save The Waves and Irish Partners Defeat Trump’s Irish Wall

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With the World Title settled there's only one big question left for the 2016 season... who will win the Billabong Pipe Masters? It kicks off tomorrow, watch live via World Surf League!
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Reasons why we love Cornwall... beautiful coves like this! Any guesses as to which one it is?
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Join us in helping Surfers Against Sewage protect our coast from plastic pollution with their Message In A Bottle campaign.

You can write to your MP calling for a Deposit Return System to eliminate plastic bottles from our tideline.

Send a Message In A Bottle to Parliament β€’ Surfers Against Sewage

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Here's To Home is an ode to the breaks Harry de Roth calls home in Cornwall. Some great shots in here!


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Shane Dorian's son Jackson may just be the coolest kid ever
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Tell us in the comments the name of your FAVOURITE stage at Boardmasters and the reasons why. Go, go, go!
Leonardo Fioravanti in the zone at Nias.

β€œIt is as big and perfect, and as easy as a barrel can get. It’s unbelievably good.”

Video by Alessio Saraifoger.
The World Surf League Longboard Championships kick off in China tomorrow. Join us in wishing local Cornish longboarder Ben Skinner all the luck!

Good Luck Ben Skinner! | Boardmasters Festival 2017

We've got that Friday feeling! Oh what we wouldn't do to be wedged back in at Corona Sunsets (with a slice of lime) Who wants to join us?
W O A H ! Check out this close encounter with an Orca whale