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Add a digital hour meter to your boat's engine to better adhere to your service schedule.

Add A Digital Hour Meter To Your Boat's Engine
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Make sure your battery and cables are ready for the season!

Six Tips for Checking Battery Cables
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Automatic positioning systems can make boating and fishing easier!

Automatic Positioning Systems for Boating and Fishing
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Save your electronics by converting your unregulated charging system.

Converting Your Outboard's Unregulated Charging System
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We spent yesterday wake surfing at the Boarding School in Orlando. We put a photographer in the water to get some cool shots. Stay tuned for more video and a feature in June.
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Learn how to navigate skinny water like a pro!

Navigating Shallow Water
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Ever driven a boat over 100 mph? It's just one of 50 things we think every boater should do before they check out!

50 Boating Things to Do Before You Die
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Protect your sterndrive, prop shaft or raw water through-hull by choosing the right sacrificial anode!

Choosing the Right Sacrificial Anode
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Tips to remember if you're planning on anchoring overnight this weekend!

Anchoring At Night
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Protect your hull! We walk you through how to install a bow-lifting point using a kit supplied by Accon Marine!

How to Install a Lifting Eye
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Our photographer Zach Stovall works to get the shot of Travis Moye at The Boarding School.
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Find the best boot that offers a snug yet comfortable fit, and that suits your skiing ability and purpose.

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Doing a story at The Boarding School in Orlando.
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What are the pros and cons of equipping a pontoon with a sterndrive versus an outboard? We find out!

Pontoon Boat Power: Sterndrive vs Outboard
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Use these tips to help you look cool while going slow. Oh, and you'll make your fellow boaters much happier!

Tips for Navigating No-Wake Zones
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Protect your fuel system by installing a fuel/water separator!

Installing a Fuel/Water Separator
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Learn how to protect yourself and your crew should you end up in the water!

What to Do if Your Boat Capsizes
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Check out a quick preview of the Supra Boats SE550!
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Yes, you could use the next 15 minutes to save money on your car insurance, but you could also use it to become a better boater.

15-Minute Boating Skills Guide