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ICYMI: The big 26ft Whittley rigged for fishing and our review. A top boat to spend the night aboard before heading wide. More at [ Link ]

Whittley SL 26 Outboard Hardtop: Review
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"That guy deserves to live"

Language warning.
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Rumour Mill: 450 and 500hp Mercury Verado outboards. Just saying, what if

Pic: Powerboat Nation
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JUST IN: Next step in NSW marine management and Marine Park process for Hawkesbury Region, now renamed "The Central Region". Videos and links in story seeking feedback. Have your say...

The threats and risks to the NSW Marine Estate
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Another two wheeling trailerboat dude heading for the ramp. Commitment :)
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When you've got too many toys on your boat you buy another boat to carry them all
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This guy has been seen getting around
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This 43ft Midnight with 5 x 400hp does about 150km/h. You can run 4 x 627hp outboards if you want more. But that's it
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Now Lexus is giving it a crack with this carbon weapon. More at
[ Link ]

Lexus Sport Yacht uses supercar technology and twin V8 engines
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Get a load of Sydney Harbour! This is great citizen science that reveals it's teeming with fish after more than 200 years of fishing. These guys are doing a great job helping keep it open to anglers. Give a like and follow to show your support of @RFANSW

Sydney Harbour very fishy

So, what are harbour fishing numbers really like? In this video veteran navy diver, Phil Dunne, and maritime construction worker and marine biology graduate ...

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Just 18 months till the phase-out of carbie two-stroke outboards begins. A year after that the NEW engines are gone from the shelves. Direct-injection two-stroke engines and four strokes are the go. Although some keen clearance stock may be available in the interim. Update at [ Link ]

Important update on the Marine Engine Emission Standards
Perfect scale model of a Vindicator plate boat by Watsons Marine in QLD. Lucky fella.
It's been a big year for Centre Consoles. Here are the top 20 we drove, or are about to, including the Regulator 23 below, and an odd walkaround and social boat. Full wrap at
[ Link ]

The 20 hot new centre console you need to drive
This might catch on in Portland
ICYMI: We have a good feature on Ken "Brownie" Brown's purpose-built flatwater fishing boat for SE Qld and beyond. More at [ Link ]
One illegal crabber was using a whole seagull for bait, others were trapping in toxic Duck Creek, and some had amassed a cache of hermit crabs. More about the crab crackdown at [ Link ]

Illegal crabber used a whole seagull for bait