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01/18/2017 at 19:12. Facebook
Meet Sprout, canine captain extraordinaire (and the inspiration of our new range).

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01/15/2017 at 21:09. Facebook
Titanium Adventurer, at your service.

Follow the instructions on our Hero-Bot below and comment with their superhero name for the chance to win a prize.

Meet the rescue-inspired clothing range this way > [ Link ]
Boden Clothing
01/15/2017 at 17:12. Facebook
Perpetually thinking about coffee. Or possibly...desserts?

Three looks to love via Supal, aka chevrons & Γ©clairs. To the blog this way > [ Link ]
Or not. Tag your fellow caf-fiends! β˜•
Sure to ruffle a few feathers.

BRAND NEW Mini Boden, with you tomorrow. Which creatures would you love to see feature?
That moment when you remember that 'Professional Cheese Board Taster' isn't actually your job and you're back at work this morning.

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*Proceeds to find confetti until at least 2018*

Happy New Year everyone!
Cheers 2016, you've been, er... interesting?

Which word sums yours up?

Photo cc: Emma Plus Three
"2016 made me more grateful than ever for the many wonderful, ordinary things I sometimes take for granted. Food, friends, my family and a warm bed in a safe place. It reminded me to enjoy the things I could, even when they weren’t perfect.

I intend to hold that thought in 2017. My new year’s resolution is to β€œring the bells that still can ring”. I stole it from someone much cleverer than me,...
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This 'working from home' lark isn't so bad.

Now, pass another mince pie...

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The galaxy shines a little less brightly as we exit 2016. New year, anyone?
(New) season's greetings! Meet the Spring pieces you can shop RIGHT NOW > [ Link ]
The struggle is real.

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*Repeat until 2017*

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*Polices paper crowns with military precision*

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