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This yoga pose is great for strengthening the lower body, abdominals and lower back and it also strengthens the stabilizing muscles around the joints.

How Dancer's Pose can improve your balance.
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Make 2017 a year for stronger focus.
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Ever looked at the label on a food product and wondered what any of it really means? Here’s your guide to deciphering all that jargon.

Top tips for how to read food labels
Find your strength in the quiet moments.
You’re the source of your wellbeing. Own it. Live it. Love it.
There’s a science to starting an exercise regime you can stick with – and we’ve got it sorted. Find out more here.

Getting started the smart way
Stand strong together.
Take some time each day to find your balance. Look the part in new Reebok Les Mills gear, available now:
Train your body to reach that little bit further.
When the festivities are over and you’re feeling tired or blue, exercise can make a big difference.

Beat the post holiday blues
The further you reach, the more you release.
#Bestof2016 Jackie Mills: "What a beautiful photo of the incomparable Kylie Gates who is the personification of how yoga keeps us young, heart, mind and body. What a perfect role model for us all!" #findyourzen

How to bend back time
#Bestof2016 Jackie Mills: "This filming was so special for me to work alongside my dear friend Dr Dave again. We all have been inspired by his superb coaching and passion for BB!" #Favepost
Good friends help us stay strong. Who stands with you?
'Tis the season. #merryfitness
Bend, stretch, and find your body’s new shape.
What exactly is alcohol and why does it make you feel so good – until it’s too late?

All you need to know to survive party season
Life is a constant rush. Take a moment to experience stillness.
The tracklist for a stronger focus.
How does working out help your brain as well as your body?

Why training your body also trains your brain.