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Fitness Rule #1: Don't get comfortable!

5 CrossFit Strategies To Help Anyone Burn Fat
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Looking for an awesome workout that combines weights and conditioning into a compact, 30-minute training session? We've got you covered.

Lateral Lunge With Weighted Chest Press
2 sets, 20 Reps (Alternating sides)

Push-Up With Dumbbell Row
2 sets, 20 Reps

Lunge Into Biceps Curl
2 sets, 20 Reps

Dumbell V-Up
2 sets, 20 Reps
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Boulder Shoulders with Michael Hildebrandt!

The workout you need to be doing to add mass to your delts.

Standing barbell overhead press 4x8
Behind the back cable lateral raise 4x12
Lying front cable raise 4x10
Super set with lying cable upright rows 4x10
Rope face pulls 4x15
Superset with bent over dumbbell revers flys 4x15
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You have 10 minutes to STOP everything you're doing! Train shoulders with Trainer Mike at 10am MST!
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No mice on these shoulders.. too many traps!

Trainer Mike is going LIVE today at 10am MST. He will be taking you his Boulder Shoulder workout. Don't miss it!
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Pull-ups can do WONDERS for your strength and physique!

4 Drills To Fix What's Wrong With Your Pull-Ups
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Meet the 2016 #250kChallenge winner Pat Magno!

Pat Went From Emotionally Broken To Physically Buff
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Build muscle on your Vegetarian diet!

The 5 Keys To A Rock-Solid Vegetarian Diet
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Tune in and let Trainer Mike take you through his Boulder Shoulders workout tomorrow Friday, 2/24 at 10am MST!
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There's 24 hours in a day. If you spend 10 at work and 8 sleeping, you've got 6 hours to make count! What are you going to choose to do? Being prepared is key to staying on top of your diet and workout plan—here's how I fit it all in. - PossiblePat

Be Prepared for the Day | Ep 7 | Uncharted: Possible Pat Transformation Journey

I wanna talk to you all about staying prepared. There's been cases where I've fell of my diet, my workout regiment just because I wasn't prepared. Sales & Sp...

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Most people will go their whole lives and NEVER understand the feeling..

Gym Rats Who Used to Be Lazy Explain How They Started Working Out
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Skipping breakfast is like trying to run a car without gas- you will not get very far!

How To Train For Fat Loss First Thing In The Morning!
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