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There's a reason why Rohan Gavaskar never became India Test captain.
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Now you know why Mike Tyson is a legend.
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03/25/2017 at 14:32. Facebook
Best thing I've read today.
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Did a SnG Comedy collab with Caspar Lee at #YTFF last night. He has 8 million subscribers and is humble AF!
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When your budget is so low that you use the iPhone calculator app as a light meter!!
Anyone else have that kinda week?
Was on the news Wednesday night on the TVF matter. Snapchat ID: @bollywoodgandu
Question: Why is the population of India so high?
If you caught the SnG Comedy Big Question podcast today and want to see more of my dogs follow them on insta and snap - @maynardandchloe
My two cents.
= ????
Going live with Sustenance Food - a Mumbai startup run by women to talk about their journey. #SheMeansBusiness
Here is your aww moment of the day.
Wriddhiman > Superman
Time to take your revenge to find out which was the most Gandu Bollywood movie of 2016! Vote now by clicking here: [ Link ]
Current mood. #IndVsAus