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Designed to be sporty on the outside and snazzy within, the Bolt is a sight to behold!
With the power of 3 engines in 1, there's a no doubt why the Bolt's Revotron 1.2T engine gives you that rush!
Love every second of every drive because the Bolt gives you the perfect combination of power & mileage for a winning performance!
Experience the rush in your drive from the comfort of your seat with the Bolt's specially designed interiors!
Experience the rush in your drive from the comfort of your seat with the Bolt's specially designed interiors!
Bolt away from routine this evening.
To avoid streaking & scratching of the windshield, you’ll need new wiper blades after about 6 months or 1 year of regular use.
Ganpati Bappa is here, bringing with him joy, positivity and blessings! Happy Ganeshutsav!
With class leading* cabin space, experience the comfort of the expansive room offered by the Bolt.
Feel the power rush in your drive, like never before! Book a test drive with the Bolt today!
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The rush is of the Bolt is almost tangible here.
Give this image your own caption, now!
The rain is lashing across your rear screen and you want to reverse your car safely. Which Bolt feature allows you to do so easily?
A worn out compressor could be the reason your car AC is blowing warm air. Get it checked if you notice this happening.
Best friends and the Bolt are the perfect combination to discover the best spots in your city! Tell us about your favourite city spots.
These will help you navigate in extreme weather conditions like fog, or smog.
Every 5,000 miles or 8,000 km, change your tyres, i.e.: exchange the front and back tyres to even out the wear.
Gather your friends and head out for a mini spin wherever your heart wishes to go. And the Bolt will make sure that you cherish that memory! Tell us about the best #BoltAway you’ve had, in the comments below!
Bolt from Tata Motors wishes everyone a very Happy Janmashtami!
Can you guess where the Bolt is zipping across?
Tell us in the comments below.
You won’t know true power, unless you feel it.
Test drive the Bolt today, and tell us about it! [ Tatamotors.com Link ]