Ziaan showing Bappida and Mithunda love on Valentine's Day. And to all of you too. @thebappilahiri
Jyoti @jchahar, you are a true winner of life! The struggles your life did not stop you from achieving dreams. I also pray that you find your father soon. God Bless! [ Ucweb.com Link ]

एक संघर्ष जो खत्म नहीं हुआ और एक हिम्मत जो टूटी नहीं : मेरा ब्लॉग, मेरा सहारा

Ziaan singing Grandpa Lullabies!
It's been 32 years buddy.
It's not like I will say anything today, that I don't say everyday.
But 32 years do bring back some fond memories of what seems like only yesterday.
Little Ziaan at his 'Besna' or 'sitting ceremony' in traditional 'Jhabla and Ejaar' costume.
He had a ball and so did we.
Little Ziaan looking amused and confused with a version of his granddad.
I'm quite sure he is clueless. But at the same time, he seems to have his doubts.
#whistlingwoods #virus #grandpop
Ziaan wishes you all a Merry Christmas on behalf of the Iranis.
The closing of my Solo with the iconic #ShillongChamberChoir for the #SpiritOfHope17 concert. Singing Love Changes Everything.
Thank you Saldanha Academy for your grand effort.
Met a junior World Champion in golf. Shubham Jaglan. Son of a milkman. Tipped by the best to be a senior World Champion.
A wonderful speaker, gentleman and Ambassador of the sport and country.
#GolfFoundation #AmitLuthra
Reminded once again how insightful and "unafraid to explore" my little nephew Anosh Irani is.

At the launch of his latest novel The Parcel.

#theparcel Published by HarperCollins India
My manager books a corporate event in Shillim. Hilton. Done an event there before.
I drive down there, manager opens the room and the entire Family and Friend gang (seen in pic) are sitting in the room. I'm in shock.
No event! Just a surprise con as part of my Birthday Celebrations.
I haven't gotten over it yet.

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On the flight home for Kolkata and the in-flight Jet Airways crew prepared an impromptu cake for my birthday. Thank you Eisha and Adhya for the love, gesture and song.
Feel special.
Never thought when I held you in my arms on the day you were born; that many years later, you would be the first I would run to for advice.
Happy Birthday Buddy! Kayoze Irani
The evening sun "lights up the lights"
On my terrace in New York.
#newyork #westvillage #EyeBoman
Zenobia and I inaugurated #weddingline in Bengaluru at the JW Marriott. A one stop shop(studio) for all things 'wedding'. From cards to flowers, designers, caterers, venues, gifts ....except the couple. Everything!!!
This is everybody's favourite friend Chetan Vohra 's newest venture, and this is as good a place to say 'love you Chetan' as any.
Many congratulations