Bombs Away
03/21/2017 at 07:40. Facebook
Nothing like an island party on the Gold Coast with a sick crew!
When you press the fairy floss button
Remember when this was a thing? lol PPAP!
Wrestling intros last night!
Sydney! Candys Apartment this saturday night for attempt #2! We'll be dropping some new tracks for the first time from our new album! Hit us up for some cheeky G-List spots!!
we did eventually finish this one!
Oh shiiiii!
Adelaide tonight with komesey, dixie and kane kirby. Dog And Duck, Bomb Squad party.
Huge congratulations to our boy for his new track with Armand Van Helden!
Chris Royals New EP out on Bomb Squad Records !! Get amongst it!
Our boy Dixie dropped a banger just in time for Australia Day!
We've got a bunch of goodness for you guys as a late christmas present! Get amongst it!

WIN a copy of Wild Summer 2017!
Best Harambe Tribute Ever !
Yooo. Follow us in Insta for more antics!!
China we love you!
Just landed in China for NYE. Club Raven lets fkn Party!