We've teamed up with Garmin Australia & Diabetes Australia to help Aussie kids live healthier, happier lives. To do this we're putting on FREE Kids Active Camps all around Australia with the first one at Bondi on March 11.

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We work out doors in the sun and we encourage everyone to get their skin checked...
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Bondi Rescue Lifeguards
02/19/2017 at 07:29. Facebook
On Channel Ten
Bondi Rescue Lifeguards
02/18/2017 at 04:51. Facebook
The storms are coming, time to head home and watch re runs of #bondirescue before new episodes on Sunday nights at 6:30pm on Channel 10!
Bondi Rescue Lifeguards
02/17/2017 at 03:54. Facebook
If you can't tone it, tan it! What do you think ladies? #bondirescue #bondilifeguards
Bondi Rescue Lifeguards
02/16/2017 at 07:38. Facebook
Another crazy day in the sand pit! With Temps headed for the 30s again tomorrow there is no rest for the wicked! #bondirescue
Dangerous currents today, not many beaches open. #swimbetweentheflags #wally #reidy
Have you had a photo taken with a #BondiRescue Lifeguard? Or tag a friend that has and send it through to bondirescue@cjz.com.au and your photo might make it into TV in Season 12.
None of us Lifeguards are perfect
Sometimes I think thats why people love the show! #BondiRescue TONIGHT 6.30pm Channel Ten (Jake n Harrison) Harrison Reid
Shout out to the @sutherlandshirelifeguards boys here. Taking out the inter-lifeguard challenge tonight in fine form. Well done lads.
"I love getting kids to have fun whilst educating them. Honestly believe that's the best system." Dean deano Gladstone
Love to hear your thoughts on the matter... #Drowningsarepreventable
15 + years as a Lifeguard and chatting with thousands of people about Bondi Rescue it certainly appears a light hearted and fun approach to education gets the message across. #Learntoswim #LearnCPR...
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Harries giving safety tips ‍♂
Morning rush hour at Bondi

Dean deano Gladstone
Another happy customer, well done @jacksondoolan #busy #bondi #bondilifeguards
These jelly fish "Blue Bottles" cause lifeguards and beach goers so much grief. Many people still think vinegar is the best solution to ease the pain, this isn't the case. Our recommendations are 1. Not going in the water if they're around. 2. If you do get stung pick the stinger (blue string) off with your hands. If the pain isn't to bad grab some ice and place it on the stung area. If you...
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Jake n Tommy styling in Tomorrow Activewear before a gym session
Active everyday active every week
Tonight see how the new kids went when they started at Bondi Lifeguard School.
6.30pm TONIGHT on Ten