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Who else spoils their pooch like this? What's their favourite treat?

All new members get a free $20 gift card from our friends at Vet Shop Australia! That's sure to go a long way.

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We think vets are amazing!

Have you got a vet hero who takes care of your beloved pets? We'd love to hear about them.
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The first national analysis of 13 years’ data on bites and stings from venomous creatures has found that just over one-third (33%) of almost 42,000 admissions were caused by bees and wasps, compared with 30% by spiders and 15% by snakes.


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Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus have announced that they will cease all operations for numerous reasons, including declining sales due to audiences growing unease over performing captive animals.

The circus, which has been operating for 146 years, will perform it's final show in May.

Animal conservation groups worldwide, such as PETA, are heralding the impending closure of what...
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Almost 100 dogs have been rescued from an alleged puppy farm in outback Queensland. The animals have been taken to the RSCPA where they can hopefully begin a brighter stage of life.

If you think you have purchased any animal from one of these types of locations, please contact the police and report them.

Source - RSPCA
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Fun-loving. Clever. Lively. The Golden Retriever may just win the contest for the world's most congenial dog.

A family favourite, the longhaired Golden Retriever is a joyful addition to any outgoing household.

Have you got one of these majestic animals? ⭐

Golden Retriever
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This rabbit.

Tag someone who has a cheeky rabbit!
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Like ourselves, pets slow down with age.

Who has a pet that is kicking on beyond their years?

Caring For Elderly Pets
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Maine Coon Monday. ????
Share a picture of your Maine Coon below!

Maine Coon
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Thanks to our friends at Dr. Lisa to the Rescue for sharing this great video. Who doesn't like a nice face massage?
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This is beautiful.
Who has an "unlikely" friendship in their household?
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Name these guys! ????

Who has a pet goat? What are their names?
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Wishing everybody a happy and safe new year!

Just remember that these celebrations can be stressful for pets, so here are some tips from Dr Chris on how to keep them at ease. ❀

Tips For Comforting Your Pets Around Loud Noises
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Have you got a pooch that doesn't like getting their paws wet?

Dr Chris has some tips for you!

How To Train Your Dog To Like Water
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Merry Christmas to all!
Who has a pet that loves the festive season?
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Did you know these guys were originally bred for herding reindeer?

The Samoyed, everybody. β„β˜ƒ

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We are looking for people in Sydney who are wanting to adopt a dog from a shelter for the returning series, Dr. Lisa to the Rescue. Dr Lisa will assess your home environment and match you up with the perfect companion!
We are looking for a number of stories - first time dog owners, perhaps a second dog for the family, or maybe a tradie who needs a new...
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To all you budding pet owners, if you need any more reasons to adopt a new family member this festive season, here's 10 of the best.

10 Little Joys That Come Along With Adopting A Dog
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Thanks to our friends at Dr. Lisa to the Rescue for sharing this great story of persistence. What a brave little guy!