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How following your favorite authors' agents on social media will lead you to excellent new books:

Really Like an Author? Follow Their Agent!
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Nine newsletters that readers and writers will love:

9 TinyLetters for Writers and Readers
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Don't miss these Star Wars books releasing this winter.

Star Wars Books: A Winter 2016 Round-up
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"I read it with utter glee. Because, my friends, this book is out of its go**amned mind."

Gothic Fiction and The Castle of Otranto
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Riot contributors share what books have their attention today:

What Are You Reading This Week?
Check out what's on offer in our Deals of the Day:

Book Riot's Deals of the Day for January 19th, 2017
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Maybe bookmark this one for tomorrow. For reasons.

6 Dumbledore Quotes to Give You Hope for the Future
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Amanda and special guest Rachel Smalter Hall recommend audiobooks for every occasion in this week's episode of Get Booked!

All Audiobooks, All the Time | BOOK RIOT
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Do you blog about books? Book Riot wants to work with you:

An Invitation for All Book Bloggers
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Robin Miles on how she gets through narrating emotional scenes, how she preps for a project, and more:

Q&A with Audiobook Narrator Robin Miles
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Sharifah is here with some tips for dealing with a dearth of bookstores at your next travel destination:
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What does your public library mean to you?

Public Libraries: A Love Letter
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Other than the actual book, of course. But you should read that, too:

What to Read if You Loved The Man in the High Castle
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Tips from a librarian about creating book displays that draw patrons in:

How to Create Awesome Book Displays
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Superman's a dad now, and one Rioter thinks that makes him the best Superman.

Dad Superman is Best Superman
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Need help with the "read a book from a micro press" task of the Read Harder challenge? We have help!

Read Harder 2017: Read a Book From a Micro Press
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We can't stop staring at that print.

Book Fetish: Volume 240
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A hotel in Portugal with over 50,000 books for you to read, in today's Critical Linking:

A Hotel With 50,000 Books: Critical Linking, January 19, 2017
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Nonfiction to read about the Holocaust:

Out of the Attic: Nonfiction about the Holocaust