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If you saw the faces of all your favorite authors, what would it tell you about your reading life?

The Revelation of Authors' Faces
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If you already miss the Show About Race podcast, these books mentioned on the show can help you keep the conversation going.

Continuing Our National Conversation About Conversations About Race
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Who is your favorite librarian from pop culture?

Six Bad Ass Librarians from Pop Culture
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What's your favorite multi-generational family novel?
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YA novels that deal with socioeconomic class:

3 On A YA Theme: Money, Class, & Power
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This week, we're highlighting excellent audio book picks for your book club! George Saunders's LINCOLN IN THE BARDO is narrated by over 166 people, including some of your fave celebrities! Go check it out! #ad
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It's Veronica Mars meets the roaring '20s! Enter to win a copy of The Lost Girl of Astor Street:

Giveaway: THE LOST GIRL OF ASTOR STREET By Stephanie Morrill
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Sometimes, the dog doesn't die! Usually it does, though.

What Happened When I Exclusively Read Books with Dogs on the Cover
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We'd love for our local comic book stores to know a thing or two.

Things We Want Our Local Comic Book Stores To Know
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The trick with the dog leash will change your life.

6 Inexpensive Essentials for Reading (and Writing) in the Bath
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When you have more books than you have square feet, some of these ideas may come in handy:

The Best Book Storage Ideas for Apartments or Small Spaces
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The bookish hero of the week, and more lit news in today's Critical Linking:

School Librarian Collects 1,000 Books for Homeless Kids: Critical Linking, February 22, 2017
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One Rioter on rediscovering the classics... including some unexpected humor!

Rediscovering The Surprises of The Classics
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Where the names of Penguin, Random House, Two Dollar Radio, and more publishers came from:

11 Great Publisher Names and Where they Came From
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From the Book Riot vault, because we're excited that Aline Brosh McKenna (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The Devil Wears Prada) is working on a Jane Eyre graphic novel!

16 Beautiful Jane Eyre Book Covers
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A 65-year-old reader recommends two inspiring books on how to keep going without giving up:

Two New Theories On How To Succeed in School (And Beyond)
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These manga feature F/F relationships -- check them out!

Manga Hype: Ladies Loving Ladies Edition
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"I want to know what happens to those directly affected. The family, the friends, the victims themselves."

Books to Read If You Like Your Mysteries More Personal Than Procedural
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"When individuals like nature, they fight for it."

Children's Books That Teach Kids to Care About the Environment