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Say what you see – Parthenon’s Glow is a popular cocktail in the rooftop bar of boutique hotel AthensWas. Ouzo, gin, rose liqueur, honey and lemon flavour your view of this ancient architectural icon. Yamas!


A modern classic
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The ancients loved the sun as much as we do. Today its rays align with Callanish, a 5,000-year-old stone circle in Scotland. With summer officially coming, where are you going?


These stones stand for spring
The perfect Greek view? First up, the Parthenon, which has ruled Athens' skyline for 2,500 years. And just off its coast, in the azure Saronic Gulf, a string of easy-hop islands with a personality all their own.

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Islands beyond the traffic
It's 60 years since Elvis bought Graceland. Stay at the heart of music's most iconic abode – the Guest House at Graceland even has decor by Priscilla Presley


Viva Memphis
When the Chicago River is dyed just the right shade of green for St Patrick’s Day, it only lasts 5 hours. The 400,000 revellers who come to see it party into the night. Sláinte!

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Chicago turns Irish green
The Holi festival sees India go full rainbow, as brightly coloured powder is flung joyfully around to celebrate the arrival of spring. Pick a spot and paint the town red (and yellow and pink and green).

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Colour me happy
It's easy to see why Holi is also known as the festival of colours. Across India, families and friends mark the arrival of spring in vibrant style, throwing plumes of technicolour powder with joyful abandon.

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Holi show
Built in the style of a 14-century Vijayanagar palace, Orange County Hampi is strikingly luxurious. Once you’ve indulged in a massage, or a dip in the resort’s infinity pool then there’s a Unesco world heritage site of 550 monuments and temples down the road...


Travel back in time to Orange County, Hampi
Soak in the hot springs of a converted Japanese temple, or taste organic wine grown on a Douro Valley vineyard. These sustainable hotels look after you, and the environment. All round feel good.


5 indulgent eco-hotels
Hampi in Karnataka boasts over 550 monuments and temples dotted around its ancient village ready to explore. Funnily enough, Karnataka also has 550 kilometres of Arabian Sea coastline to lay horizontally on.

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Travel back in time to Karnataka, India
Breakfast with hippos in the Masai Mara, shower under the sky in a Thai tented camp, or sleep with a safari soundtrack in a stilted, South African treehouse. Talk about a natural high.

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The wild side of luxury
A bubble of bamboo floats six feet above the cacti on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. Eco-resort Playa Viva’s 200-acre site has deserted beaches, Aztec remains, a turtle sanctuary, and just 12 rooms. Privacy not a problem.


Canopy cruiser
The turtle sanctuary at Juluchuca is staffed by volunteers who chaperone the tiny reptiles’ first scramble to the ocean. When they make it to the waves, they're on their own adventure. Be there to wave them off?

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The pitter-patter of tiny flippers
The stars get the golden statues, but the locations are just as Oscar-worthy. From New England to Kolkata, here are five stays to get a taste of this year's top films.


5 Oscar-inspired hotels
Take a walk past turquoise lakes and wind through sparkling waterfalls in Croatia's Plitvička Jezera. The green-blue waters in this national park are always changing colour, as the sunlight and mineral levels fluctuate. Don't miss the view from 'Veliki Slap' - continue up the steps past the 'Big Waterfall' and take in the most breathtaking view of the park.

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Stretch Your Legs In Plitvička Jezera, Croatia
With more than 150 live music venues, let your ears lead as you walk Nashville’s streets. Your soundtrack will shuffle between country, jazz and bluegrass with every honky-tonk you pass. Pull up a stool and order a drink.

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Forget the TV show, Nashville deserves a first person viewing
You’ll want to hear the neighbours at Thompson Nashville, a hotel at the core of Music City’s honky-tonk heartland.


Stay and play
Why buy when you can borrow? Amsterdam Sharing City supports pilot projects and borrowing websites so citizens can get their hands on anything from a hot-desk slot to a hot meal. Sharing is caring – pass it on.

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Amsterdam is Europe’s first sharing city
Every year at the end of February, the setting sun hits El Capitan's Horsetail Fall waterfall and sets it ablaze. For 10 minutes. This red-hot sight is one of Yosemite's rarest surprises. Can you be there to capture it?

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After the shopping, after the show, it’s time to escape the busy West End for a more tranquil spot. The journey’s short – just 10 storeys up. Then it's epic London views all round.


London theatre views. Take a seat.