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Needs some wise words of wisdom? Well.. we’re Boost, we just make juice and smoothies and stuff....
But for today only our Green Tea Mango MANTRA is $5! The wise decision would be to go and get one! Today only via the Boost app!

Valid on app orders on 24/01/17 only. Not valid with any other offer.
Boost Juice
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He wheelie nailed this one!
Congrats Liam! We love your recreated Hot Wheels pic and are our second weekly winner of a $100 Boost voucher!

Are you intrigued and feel a sudden interest to find out how you could win $100 worth of heaven sent smoothie or juice magic? Head to our pinned post at the top of our Facebook page to find out how to enter.
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Well one outta four ain't bad...
Make like a baby and head out to a Boost store to get your own Fill-Up Cup!
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Kids bored these school holidays? Or are they actually having the time of their lives but YOU'RE bored? Or maybe you don't even have any kids but are bored? Doesn't matter!
Head on over to our Barbie and Hot Wheels Kids Cups website and get unbored (it's a word now) with our colouring in activities!
[ Link ]
It’s not just a crush… it’s a $5 Watermelon Crush for today only when you order through the app. Now that’s love!

Valid on app orders on 17/01/17 only. Not valid with any other offer.
What the juice is a Fill-Up Cup? It sounds like Phillip has his own cup but it’s actually just a cup that you can buy in store, pop in your handbag, hang upside down, go on a roller coaster or whatever because it has a thingy that makes it spill proof when you’re not using it and bring it back to get $1 off every refill! IT’S LIKE MAGIC!
Ermahgerd Berbies!!
Congrats to Elleith Lauren who absolutely nailed her Barbie or Hot Wheel photo recreation and is our first weekly winner of a $100 Boost voucher!

Wanna win one too? Head to our pinned post at the top of our Facebook page to find out how to enter.
Consider us your new relationship advisors.
It's our biggest Kids Cup prize giveaway everrrrr so get around it! Every Barbie or Hot Wheels cup wins, just enter the code underneath your cup here [ Link ]
You don’t have to lift to be a Gym Junkie.
Just pop over to the Boost app, grab a $5 Gym Junkie and give your day the lift it needs! Today only when you order via the Boost app.

Valid on app orders on 10/01/17 only. Not valid with any other offer.
Romance lives on.
To celebrate our new Barbie and Hot Wheels Kids Cups, we’re going to have a little fun!
Dig through your old photos albums for those gems of you playing with Barbie or Hot Wheels (or be lazy and use the pics below), recreate them as a grown adult and post in the comments below for a chance to win 1 of 3 $100 Boost vouchers. It’s going to be awkwardly amazing.

One winner judged by Boost HQ...
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Boost Juice
Flash back to your childhoods people because Barbie and Hot Wheels Boost Kids Cups have arrived!

There are four cups to collect with each giving you the chance to win a stack of Barbie or Hot Wheel prizes!

Enter the code underneath your cup here: [ Link ]
Some people text their ex's, others just post on our wall...

We love you Simon.
Catch ya later 2016, hellloooooo 2017!
We hope your year is full of laughs, love and apparently denim & stripes!
He wanted to be a mango, so he became a mango. Follow your dreams people.

Via Brown Cardigan
Gift buying should be a thoughtful, personal and special experience… so why the hell does my Uncle give me a Boost Juice voucher every Christmas EVEN THOUGH HE KNOWS I WORK THERE AND GET FREE BOOST?

We’re finishing up the Under 200 Calories celebrations and want you to tell us about the worst gift you received yesterday (bonus points if you upload a photo) and if we think it’s the worst gift...
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What do you get when you cross an apple with a Christmas tree?
Good luck finding a Christmas cracker that beats THAT little gem... Merry Christmas!