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He gets crabby when you want to share his noodles.
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Tay-Tay is a special pup. The yellow Labrador has served her country in two deployments to Afghanistan, specializing in sniffing and alerting her partner when she came across buried mines. Now she's finally being adopted...

He Hasn’t Seen His Dog Since They Were Deployed Together, Camera Captures Reunion [video]
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If you’re looking for a swanky gift or just want to have some fun, check out this DIY project and get crafting!

She Takes A Toothbrush And Rips Out Every Bristle, Then Boils It All For A Creative Result
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Even children had to live within the means of their ration book, but that didn't stop them from enjoying yummy treats like #8. And #10 is totally still worth a try today!

WWII Ration Recipes: 10 Sweet Treats From The Past That Require Little To No Sugar
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Little Emma was found outside Erikas Plucas’ fence at his home in Lithuania. When people told him to leave her alone and let hunters care for her, he decided to take her in instead.

Man Finds Skinny Baby Moose Starving Outside His Fence. Today, She Looks So Different
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This mom never lingered after dropping her son off at school. She would just let him climb out of the car and then she'd drive away. Yesterday, for whatever reason, she stuck around a bit. And that's when she saw him pause before going through the doors. It only took her a second to realize what he was about to do.

Mom Is Surprised When She Sees Boy Not Go Into School After Being Dropped Off, Then She Realizes Why
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I have so many old T-shirts stuffed in my closet — I'm totally going to try #5 as a present for my mom!

11 Unbelievable Ways To Give Your Unwanted Old T-Shirts A Whole New Life
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The only right way to wake someone up.
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Maiya James and her family struggle to pay the bills, so when their van broke down, they couldn’t afford to repair it. There was no way for her mother to take her disabled sister to her doctor’s appointments. So Maiya did the only thing she could think of: reach out to total strangers.

Teen Has Secretly Been Talking To Stranger Online But Mom’s Stunned When He Shows Up At The Door
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A 14-year-old girl went missing 6 months ago. While surfing the web, her mom saw a photo that stopped her dead in her tracks. She believes it's her daughter. These are the photos, side by side. Decide for yourselves if it's the same person.

Mom Whose Daughter Vanished Sees This Photo On Facebook 6 Months Later (Photos)
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Four police officers stopped by Outback Steakhouse for a quick bite. From the moment they entered the restaurant, they could immediately feel the eyes of the employees on their uniforms. Still, nobody did anything out of the ordinary. Finally, when it came time to pay the bill, the officers noticed something scribbled on their receipt.

Outback Employees Leave Note On Officers' Receipt (Photo)
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I've watched this eight times and I still can't figure out how he did it!

People Are Saying That This Guy Just Pulled Off The Most Insane Shot Of All Time
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This neighbor made a huge difference in this elderly woman's life

Mentally ill old woman lives in a filthy apartment. Neighbor volunteers to clean it
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Drew and Gina were about to say their vows when the priest told their parents to stand up. They were confused and the priest admitted he'd never done this before. When they realized what was happening they were shocked.

Parents Watch Their Daughter Get Married, Immediately Confused When Priest Says 'Stand Up'