Folks - this election is the only way to deliver a stronger, more stable and GLOBAL BRITAIN
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Hi folks, a quick clip from Sarajevo. The UK is here for the long-term to help Bosnia and Herzegovina recognise its amazing potential
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With international partners today stressing the need for a unified humanitarian response and political solution to the crisis in Syria.

One in two Syrians are either dead or displaced. There is no other conflict like this in the world
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UK and Germany relations will get stronger over coming years.

Great to see Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel in London for the first time today
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At NATO today where I reaffirmed the UK’s unconditional commitment to the defence and the security of Europe
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Huge progress is being made in the fight against Daesh and the UK is forefront of this effort alongside a united, global coalition
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I updated the House today on my visit to the United States and a relationship that's going from strength to strength
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An attack on London is an attack on the world.

This is a fight we're all in together and our values will prevail
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Happy St Patrick’s Day! Great to see close links between Northern Ireland and Kenya through an excellent schools partnership created by the British Council
Happy St Patricks Day Great to see close links between Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland and Kenya: Learning about ourselves by learning about others
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Mohamed Yussuf Abdirahman
Just visited Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya where they're doing a fantastic job to tackle poaching and help end illegal wildlife trade
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Appalled by finding of UN inquiry that Asad’s air force bombed main Damascus water supply in Dec with “devastating impact” on 5m civilians. Shows why Syria must have transition away from Asad.

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I have just attended a very moving ceremony to honour the bravery of the British forces and civilians who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Their efforts and sacrifices have made a huge difference to those countries and we are all incredibly grateful.
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Hi all, I am visiting Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories to talk to both sides about the peace process and how we can make progress. There is a real opportunity to get a lasting peace but we need bold Israeli and Palestinian leadership.

I will also be talking about the partnerships we already have and how we want to strengthen them in the years ahead.
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Arrived in Brussels for the EU Foreign Affairs Council. Here's a short clip of my words to media this morning
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Honoured to lay a wreath in Kyiv to commemorate those who lost their lives in their struggle for freedom in the Maidan in 2014. Ukraine's territorial integrity is vital, UK's support is unwavering
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Happy St David's Day from Kyiv, Ukraine.

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi hapus
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In Ukraine today on joint visit with Polish Foreign Minister. UK and Poland are close partners and we’re here to show our 100% support for Ukraine against Russian aggression. I’ve started my visit with heavyweight talks with Mayor (and former Boxer) Vitaliy Klychko. I’ve also met UK-trained Kyiv police and veterans who’ve fought for the integrity of Ukraine borders.
In Ukraine today on joint visit with Polish Foreign Minister UK and
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Afternoon folks from a warm Cairo
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