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Bring the fun of a snowy winter day into your home with this dreamy project guide. Build a truly unique coatrack with runners for your winter coats, hats and scarves in no time.

Sledge coatrack | DIY project guides
Bosch DIY & Garden UK
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Guilty of always leaving your dressing table in a mess? We love this hidden storage space and pop up mirror to help you stay tidy and organised.
Bosch DIY & Garden UK
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Feeling the January blues? Brighten up those gloomy winter nights by creating your very own funky light fixture. Have a look at our how-to video.
Bosch DIY & Garden UK
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Save energy and have a healthier home with the help of our PTD 1 thermal detector. It can determine the temperature of any surface, locate thermal bridges and locate mould risk areas. [ Link ]
Bosch DIY & Garden UK
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We love the idea of turning old jars into a stylish bathroom organiser. What upcycling projects have you created recently?
Bosch DIY & Garden UK
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New Year new projects? The PSB 1800 Li-2 is the perfect purchase for anyone starting out in the wonderful world of DIY. [ Link ]
Bring some nature into your home with these simple rustic coat hooks. Share your own wintery home features with us.
Why not start the year off with a bang and tackle all your DIY jobs? With the PDR 18 LI you can perform a wide range of tasks from screwdriving into wood, bolting sheet metal, to drilling into brick or tiles. [ Link ]
Already fed up of falling over the kids new toys? Make this handy toy box this weekend and keep all your children's treasures neatly tidied away.

Treasure chest | DIY project guides
We love this simple yet chic scandinavian design. What international influences do you have in your home?
We’re proud of our Zamo! With its modern and clear design it was able to win over the jury of the Red Dot Design Awards. Want to find out more about our "digital folding rule"? [ Link ]
If you have lots of garden clearance to do this year or you are looking to recycle the Christmas Tree then treat yourself to the AKE 30 LI Chainsaw from Bosch. The combination of powerful electric motor and 36 volt lithium-ion battery copes with all tasks around your home and garden. [ Link ]
Happy New Year from everyone at Bosch. What DIY resolutions have you made for 2017?
We cannot believe this year is almost over and have loved hearing about all your DIY accomplishments. What has been your highlight of 2016?