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Today is all about love! What do you treat your sweethearts with on Valentine’s Day?
Bosch is Europe’s favourite* brand for major domestic appliances. See why our smart technologies, excellence in engineering and outstanding results have made us number 1:

Bosch Home
Cheat days are allowed and Crêpe Day is the perfect day to take a break from your New Year’s resolution. Tell us how you prefer your crêpe: savoury or sweet? #CrepeDay
Save time and energy with Home Connect and Nest. Clever technology knows when you’re out and if your oven has been left on. You’ll be sent a reminder and you can switch it off with Home Connect. So you’re in total control wherever you are. Find out more:

Your home is in safe hands. Yours.
It’s nearly the end of January! So if you’ve got an appliance you haven’t registered yet, do it today. You’ll be automatically entered into a draw to win amazing prizes. Go on – register now:

Register your appliances now.
Think refrigerators have always been the same? Think again. Here’s the first ever Bosch refrigerator built in 1933. To see just how technology has developed in the past 80 years, see our latest fridge-freezers here:

Explore our wide range of fridges & freezers.
On Register My Appliance Day, all you have to do is register your appliance – big or small, old or new – and you’ll be entered into a brilliant prize draw:

Register your appliances now.
The results of our poll are in and it’s official – you want a dishwasher that dries more efficiently. Thanks to smart Zeolith® drying technology from Bosch, you can now choose a machine that’s as much a dishdryer as a dishwasher leaving everything from lunchboxes to plastic containers completely dry. Here’s how:

Zeolith® Drying Technology from Bosch.
To all our loyal Facebook friends, we hope you’ll continue to enjoy your Bosch appliances and products through 2017 and for many more years to come. Happy New Year!
Introducing TurboSpeed on Bosch dishwashers – the perfect party programme. Whether it’s a New Year’s Eve party or any celebration throughout the year, you can fill your dishwasher with glasses and they’ll all be sparkling clean in just 20 minutes. Find out more here:

TurboSpeed on Bosch dishwashers.
Love a good bake? Whether it’s cakes, biscuits or bread, there’s a pleasure that comes from creating something delicious. HuffPost UK Lifestyle, in conjunction with the Serie 8 oven, has created the 8 Rules to Mastering the Dark Art of Baking with all the tips you’ll need to avoid a soggy bottom:

8 Rules To Mastering The Dark Art Of Baking.
A PerfectRoast is not just for Christmas. All year round, you’ll enjoy impeccably cooked roasts every time with a Serie8 oven. It has a smart meat probe that measures three temperatures to ensure all types of meat and poultry is cooked to perfection. Look here to see it in action and for some fabulous festive recipe ideas:

Serie 8 ovens with Bosch Assist.
Make sure you’re ready for the big day with brand new pots, pans and dishes. We’ve got a fantastic selection of products right now at our online store:

Bosch Home
Don’t get in a spin this Christmas. Our clever self-dosing i-DOS washing machines know exactly how much detergent to use on all your favourite party clothes. And with perfect laundry results, you can relax knowing you can celebrate the season in style. Find out more:
We’ve got brilliant cleaners for that last minute spruce up that will leave your kitchen looking better than ever. Preparing for Christmas has never been easier:

Bosch Home
If you can’t indulge yourself at Christmas, when can you? Here’s a delightfully decadent recipe for individual puddings filled with chocolate fondant. Treat your loved ones, impress visiting friends or just curl up and spoil yourself.
Getting ready for Christmas is about to get easier. With our fantastic deep cleaning products, we’ll help make your kitchen sparkle with less effort from you. Shop now at our online store:

Bosch Home
Getting ready for Christmas is about to get easier. With our fantastic deep cleaning products, we’ll help make your kitchen sparkle with less effort from you. Shop now at our online store:

Bosch Home
Look after your woollens – especially your Christmas jumper! Our washing machines have a wool programme that delivers a gentle wash at the ideal temperature of 30°C. Perfect for ensuring your woollens will see many more Christmases. Find out more:

Peace of mind, by Bosch.