Should I be concerned about my child's fever? Should I treat it with medication? What is considered is a "high" fever? At what point should I worry? Primary care pediatrician Dr. Claire McCarthy answers these questions and more in this essential guide to fever in children. An expert resource to keep close by and share with other parents: [ Link ]
Did you know it's National Children’s Oral Health Month? Help us thank our friends from Delta Dental of Massachusetts for celebrating with a dental fair for our patients and families. The day included games, giveaways, and fun opportunities for kids to learn how to keep their teeth healthy.
Starting this spring, students at Boston Latin School will be tested for a type of heart condition that can go undetected. Sudden Cardiac Death claims the lives of 100 to 150 athletes every year. The number one cause, says Boston Children's Hospital's Dr. Gian Corrado, is hypertrophic cardiomyopothy, a condition that can be detected by an ultrasound. Learn more on FOX25 News: [ Link ]

Boston doctor hoping to save student-athlete lives with old technology
It began like any typical late summer day, as Lilith played outside. But when she collapsed suddenly, it soon became clear that more than a simple bee sting was to blame. Learn more about the strength of Lilith and her dramatic recovery from a rare arteriovenous fistula diagnosis: [ Link ]
Thank you to twin sisters, Giovanna and Olivia, for supporting our Blood Donor Center Program and spreading the word to their peers about the importance of donating blood! Learn more about their story on FOX25 News #GivePintsForHalfPints

Teen twins take Boston hospital's 'urgent need' for blood to heart
In the early morning of 9/11, Boston Children’s Hospital’s Fetal Cardiology team was about to perform the world’s first successful cardiac intervention on Jennifer Miller's unborn son, Jack. We catch up with Jennifer 15 years later to find out how Jack is doing, and why she remained calm and confident about undergoing a groundbreaking procedure in the midst of national chaos: [ Link ]
We have laws to encourage clinical drug trials in children, but loopholes allow drug companies to defer this testing. As a result, kids are often prescribed drugs tested only in adults, exposing kids to potentially harmful consequences. Learn more on our research blog: [ Link ]
Meet Dr. Nancy Rodig, MD, medical director of the Boston Children's Hospital Kidney Transplant Program. Learn about what drew her to pediatrics and how together, she and the Pediatric Transplant Center team bring their expertise to the diagnosis and treatment of every child with chronic kidney disease: [ Link ]
We celebrate #HeartMonth every February by doing what we do every day: treat a full spectrum of cardiac disorders and create new ways to improve care. Read a selection of five stories from the past year that highlight the Heart Center's innovations and advancements making a difference: [ Link ]
Winter school vacation week is officially here! If you aren’t traveling to a warmer climate, outdoor winter activities — sledding, skiing, ice skating and more, are likely part of your family’s vacation plans. Dr. Michael O’Brien, director of Boston Children’s Hospital Sports Concussion Clinic, offers tips to keep your kids safe when enjoying outdoor winter activities: [ Link ]
Meet Dr. Abraham Rudolph, 93, who came to Boston Children's in 1951 as our first cardiology fellow. His contributions to understanding congenital heart disease helped launch the field of fetal cardiology. Learn more about his incredible career: [ Link ]
Before the Super Bowl, the New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski -Gronk and his family held a fundraiser to help kids, raffling off two tickets to the big game plus airfare and hotel accommodations. Their effort raised $110,000 for our patients, and today, Rob and his family delivered a Gronk-sized check and a lot of smiles. Enjoy these photos and help us say thank you!
Today we celebrate little Elodie who is rocking her heart sweater in honor of her second #heartmonth! Congratulations Elodie, we wish you the best!
Students from Codman Academy Charter Public School recently paid a visit to the Innovation & Digital Health Accelerator and SIMPeds. These 40 students received a tour of the SIMLab, and learned about technology-based programs at Boston Children’s, including Hacking Pediatrics. Check out some photos from their tour!
Thank you to everyone who sent a Valentine's Day greeting to brighten the holiday for our patients and families. We received warm thoughts from all over New England, the country, and the world, including Jamaica, Scotland, France and Taiwan. Here's a sampling, also starring some of the guests at Child Life’s Valentine’s Day party :)
When their son was diagnosed with short bowel syndrome, these Pennsylvania parents traveled to the Center for Advanced Intestinal Rehabilitation at Boston Children’s Hospital—a trip they say is “worth every mile”. Learn their story: [ Link ]
"There’s no manual on how to be a parent when you hear your son has cancer," writes Javon and Terell's mother, Ebony. Read her open and honest account of what it was like to care for two sons with cancer, and how her family stayed hopeful throughout their difficult journey: [ Link ]
February 15th is International Childhood Cancer Day. Cancer has no geographic borders, but a child’s chance of survival varies greatly depending on where he or she lives. The Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Global Health Initiative (GHI) is working to change that through partnerships with cancer programs around the world. This slideshow shares some of the many faces of childhood cancer – from...
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To make sure kids in the hospital got to experience a memorable Valentine's Day, Child Life Services and members of the Dunkin Donuts culinary team threw a holiday party - complete with a decorate your own donut activity. Enjoy these photos, and Happy Valentine's Day!
Not every patient we care for is a child, and some patients have been with us since birth — like Joe, whose heart would be fine…if it weren’t backwards. Read how Boston Children’s Hospital has medically and surgically managed Joe’s rare condition for the past 33 years: [ Link ]