Saving lives with science: Cardiac researcher Dr. James McCully has developed a procedure that rescues hearts damaged by ischemia (reduction in blood flow) and them pumping blood properly again. The procedure, called mitochondrial transplantation, isolates one’s own healthy mitochondria and then transplants it directly into the affected cardiac muscle. Mitochondrial transplantation has already...
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Kristen Duggen
Jennifer Moriarty Hagen
Sandy Stabile Egan
Today we celebrate Jaina, who underwent open heart surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital 2 years ago and is now able to enjoy every day with her family back home! Wishing this smiley little cutie and her family the best! :)
Today we celebrate Jaina who underwent open heart surgery at Boston Childrens
Florrie Mulvey
Donna Pepin-Gannon
Wendy Catherwood
Melissa Dunphe just knew. She knew that the child, who was at the same hospital on the same floor on the same day, had to be the one who received her daughter's liver. Read how fate, loss and circumstance united two families: [ Link ]
Melissa Dunphe just knew She knew that the child who was at
Rhonda Gumz-Spicer
Tammy Keeler Mcdermott
Joie Curran
Straight from the lab: On Snapchat, watch how urology experts Dr. Josh Mauney and Dr. Carlos Estrada and their tissue engineering team are developing silk scaffolds to help close and repair wounded or diseased tissue. In the future, the team says these silk scaffolds could be uniquely tailored to enable repair of various hollow organs found in the body. Watch the story on Snapchat: [...
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Are Zo
Paul D. Guthrie
Mahboobeh Soleimanpour
Jack’s parents knew he didn’t feel well, but they didn’t know why — until a trip to Boston Children’s Center for Airway Disorders revealed a rare diagnosis. Read how a mother's instinct led this family one step closer to their child's recovery: [ Link ]
Jacks parents knew he didnt feel well but they didnt know why
Patti Rivera
Mindy Straight Perrotta
Zoey Sanders
Science saves lives: Today, polio has been eradicated in the U.S., thanks to vaccines that took most of the 20th century to develop. But during the heyday of polio epidemics, which first started in 1916, researchers struggled to keep poliovirus alive in culture long enough to make a vaccine. Finally, in 1949, three scientists at Boston Children’s Hospital discovered a way to do it, paving an...
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Science saves lives Today polio has been eradicated in the US thanks

Culture shock: Why poliovirus had to live before it could die
Rachel Jussaume
Judi Paes
Gloria Silva
Did you happen to catch our Snapchat story with Dr. Alexander Rotenberg and the transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) lab team? If not, don’t worry! We’ll be posting new science stories from our labs this week and next. Be sure to follow Boston Children's on Snapchat to get more behind-the-scenes photos and videos 'from the lab: [ Link ]
Lori Ann Johnson Federico
Becky Van Meter
Jonathan L'Esperance
The Boston Celtics are trailing in their playoff series but, like our friend Brody, are not giving up! Share a word of encouragement for the C's below, then enjoy Brody and Marcus Smart’s video for the Celtics License Plates
[ Link ] benefiting the kids at Boston Children’s.
Jackie Wright
Maureen Shanley Simoncini
Erin Fitzgerald
Thank you to the nearly 200 runners who challenged yesterday’s Boston Marathon for Boston Children’s, and the Patient Partner families who inspired them along the way. Together, they have raised almost $2.1 million and counting to help kids!
Thank you to the nearly 200 runners who challenged yesterdays Boston Marathon
Maureen Gallant
7News - WHDH Boston celebrated #OneBostonDay by throwing a pizza and ice cream party for the patients, families and staff of Boston Children's Hospital! The station also donated hundreds of toys, craft items and four brand new iPads to help brighten up hospital stays for our patients. Thank you 7News! [ Link ]
7News WHDH Boston celebrated OneBostonDay by throwing a pizza and ice cream

7News hosts a party for patients at Boston Children's Hospital
Katie Major-Clark
22-year-old Tom received his liver transplant at 15 years old. #becauseofadonor, Tom is able to run the #BostonMarathon. Join us in celebrating National #DonateLifeMonth by sharing your milestone made possible #becauseofadonor: [ Link ]
Ted D Sarafis
Judi Paes
Leta Stilwell Pickar
The Boston Children's #MilesforMiracles runners are on the Boston Marathon course! Look for their bright orange and blue jerseys and cheer them on. Special shout out to our blue-clad Patient Partner families supporting them each step of the way!
The Boston Childrens MilesforMiracles runners are on the Boston Marathon course Look
Jeremy Fucile
Jennifer Scull Martinage
Jeanne Hei
Tomorrow, nearly 200 runners will challenge the Boston Marathon, cheered on by their patient partners, for the kids of Boston Children’s. Here’s a glimpse at the training, and the stories, that have gotten #MilesforMiracles Team Boston ready for the starting line. Help us wish them luck in the comments below, and to see the full video, visit: [ Link ]
Lorna Brooks
Judy Spaziano
Christine Tedesco
The sun is finally shining and spring-like temperatures are around the corner. With warmer temperatures, seasonal challenges often follow. Read Boston Children's spring health cheat sheet for tips on sunscreen use, allergy prevention and how to keep pesky insects at bay: [ Link ]
The sun is finally shining and springlike temperatures are around the corner
Iza Poit
Register today to join New England Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski -Gronk on Sunday, June 4th at Gillette Stadium for the One Mission Buzz Off for Kids with Cancer. It’s an unforgettable day with hundreds coming to together to shave their heads in honor and support of pediatric cancer patients at Boston Children’s.
Register today to join New England Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski Gronk
Michelle Marcustry
Amanda L Houle
Monique Marie Vacon
Long stays in the hospital can mean missing out on fun adventures like riding a roller coaster or building a snowman. Thanks to Virtual Reality, the Simulator Program team at Boston Children's is bringing the fun to our patients! Learn more here in this story from the Boston Herald: [ Link ]
Long stays in the hospital can mean missing out on fun adventures

A virtual reality check for Children's Hospital patients
Wade Kimbrough
Remember Molly and Robbie, the adorable 3-year-olds who share the same ultra-rare disorder, SPG47? As part of our “citizen science” series, Robbie’s mother Kasey writes about the two families’ work to launch scientific research on their daughters’ neurodegenerative condition: [ Link ]
Remember Molly and Robbie the adorable 3yearolds who share the same ultrarare
Gina Marie Garofalo
Holly Werenko
Jill Marie Blair
“When I saw his face, one side looked very different from the other and his lip was swollen,” says Juan. Looking at his son, Fredy, he knew that something was undeniably very, very wrong. As soon as this family arrived at Boston Children’s Hospital for help, Dr. Reza Rahbar knew that treating Fredy’s rare tumor would require an extraordinary team of specialists. Learn how a 3D-printed model...
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When I saw his face one side looked very different from the
Erika Gaznick
Mary Costanza Mingoia
Lindsay Marie
Congratulations to Gabrielle (age 7) -- our Creative Arts Program's artist of the month! Gabrielle loves using glitter and plenty of bright colors in her artwork. Check out her beautiful painting! :)
Congratulations to Gabrielle age 7 our Creative Arts Programs artist of the
Karen Beaupre
Tracy Antonelli
Mary Costanza Mingoia
Every year the American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) honors an individual whose innovations in science and position as a thought leader have inspired new directions in cancer research. This year the AACR named our very own, Dr. Leonard Zon, the 2017 Irving Weinstein Foundation Distinguished lecturer, for his countless contributions to cancer research as part of our Stem Cell Program....
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Every year the American Association of Cancer Research AACR honors an individual
Waled Dahab
Alma Garcia
Elisa Cohen