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Such a perfect day...
Michal Gryt has thrown down a marker with this score in Bowling Rush! Can anyone beat that this week?

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What's your strike throwing technique? Straight down or spinning back in?

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pins in Jackpot King. What's the most you've knocked down with 1 throw?

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We're getting in the Halloween mood...

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Can you top this score in Bowling Rush today?

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A brand-new Mini Game just launched on mobile! See how far you can roll in Bowling Rush!

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Get ready for Bowling Rush, a new mode coming very soon! Roll your ball as far as you can, dodge obstacles and win prizes!
Something new is coming to Bowling King VERY soon...
Trickshot Mode: the only place you'll find bowling balls AND bananas.

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Bowling King: like real bowling, without the annoying social interaction!

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Who's been enjoying the new trickshot mode?

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Are you a Trick Shot Pro?

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Have you tried our new Trickshot mode yet?

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Have you tried our new Trickshot Mode? Go head-to-head on these new obstacle-packed lanes!

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NEW in Bowling King: Trickshot Mode!

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In Bowling King, you never need to worry about wearing someone else's sweaty shoes

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