Our first photos back with the dogs
Our first photos back with the dogs
Michael D. Wiggins
Sharon Mirabella
Michael D. Wiggins
Miriam Farrugia
Jill Van Der Toorn-Van Alphen
Ann Irrera Pascucci
Doug Dennis
Kathy Allen
Renee Lindsay
Chilly Sunday morning golf cart rides with my old lady. My wife and I got married two days ago! We spent the weekend at a cabin on an organic farm, honeymoon in January. Wedding pictures with the dogs coming soon!
Chilly Sunday morning golf cart rides with my old lady My wife
Leslie Howe
Katie Cox
Bonnie Pavlow
Because, America
Because America
Marissa Tamble
Myk Hubbell
Jocelyn Lefebvre
Our constitutional right
Our constitutional right
Lynne Wambeek
Shawn Blackburn
Rich Fischl
As a fan page about a specific breed dog, we will continue to keep a neutral stance. But get out there and vote today. Every vote counts.
As a fan page about a specific breed dog we will continue
Marissa Tamble
Len Davies
Hopey Hoopla
Haha love it!
Haha love it
Sue Chap Bugajsky
Susan White
Roland Alger
Temporary Boxer Dog Tattoo! Would you wear it? :D #boxerfanpage
Temporary Boxer Dog Tattoo Would you wear it :D boxerfanpage

Boxer Dog Temporary Tattoo (Set of 2)

Luc Benoit
Karen Whitaker Edwards
Frank Marmen
Love this decal! What about you? <3 #boxerfanpage
Love this decal What about you 3 boxerfanpage

H1071 Infinity Boxer Dog Decal Sticker

Juanita Martinez
John Shirley
Caroline Bennett
Allen Marksberry
Talita Ramos
Débora Guimarães
Ligia Pignatti
Dana Brooks Jennings
Best Crochet Pattern EVER! Who's making this for the Fall?
Best Crochet Pattern EVER Who's making this for the Fall

Boxer Scarf Crochet Pattern

Beverley Duncan
Lynne Lake
Travis Bickle
Happy Saturday from Chelsea! :D #boxerfanpage
Happy Saturday from Chelsea :D boxerfanpage
Sarah Ghobrial
Ron Walker
Mohamed Faqir
Caption this photo! :) #boxerfanpage
Caption this photo  boxerfanpage
Courtney Dohnt
Tabitha Kruszynski
Jim Horton
Running towards the weekend like...

[Beautiful shot taken by Tamás Szarka]
Running towards the weekend like

Beautiful shot taken by Tamás Szarka
Ellen White
Ray Ciarlo
Jody Stephens Michaud
Hey! Yeah, you! Are you smiling yet? :) #boxerfanpage
Hey Yeah you Are you smiling yet : boxerfanpage
Nicola Sobiech-Stubbs
Bobbi Beecher
Erick Rodrigo Bernabe Rivas
Julie Murphy
Kathy Graham
Abbie Pizzo
It's Tongue Out Tuesday! :D #boxerfanpage
Its Tongue Out Tuesday  D boxerfanpage
Kate Kelly
Sarah Bratcher
Lynn Hanson
Chillin', relaxin' all cool....
Chillin relaxin all cool
Yvonne E. Keith
Teena Cooper
Tammy South Hawkins