Our first photos back with the dogs
Chilly Sunday morning golf cart rides with my old lady. My wife and I got married two days ago! We spent the weekend at a cabin on an organic farm, honeymoon in January. Wedding pictures with the dogs coming soon!
Because, America
Our constitutional right
As a fan page about a specific breed dog, we will continue to keep a neutral stance. But get out there and vote today. Every vote counts.
Haha love it!
Temporary Boxer Dog Tattoo! Would you wear it? :D #boxerfanpage

Boxer Dog Temporary Tattoo (Set of 2)

Love this decal! What about you? <3 #boxerfanpage

H1071 Infinity Boxer Dog Decal Sticker

Best Crochet Pattern EVER! Who's making this for the Fall?

Boxer Scarf Crochet Pattern

Happy Saturday from Chelsea! :D #boxerfanpage
Caption this photo! :) #boxerfanpage
Running towards the weekend like...

[Beautiful shot taken by Tamás Szarka]
Hey! Yeah, you! Are you smiling yet? :) #boxerfanpage
It's Tongue Out Tuesday! :D #boxerfanpage
Chillin', relaxin' all cool....