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Boycott BP
yesterday at 19:45. Facebook
Drink up Chicago...You voted for Hillary...Maybe after you lose a few IQ points you will see things the Bp/ Pence way.

Indiana And BP Officials Can’t Say Whether Mercury Got Dumped Into Lake Michigan

Boycott BP
yesterday at 19:40. Facebook
Over regulation is killing lake Michigan...Tell the government to allow Bp to dump more Mercury in the lake....The EPA is out of control..Please note sarcasm.

Indiana gives BP a pass on mercury

Boycott BP
yesterday at 09:38. Facebook
Boycott BP
yesterday at 09:20. Facebook
The guy that Trump just picked to head the EPA is suing the EPA. Please Share.
Boycott BP
12/07/2016 at 23:18. Facebook
Boycott BP
12/07/2016 at 17:41. Facebook
Boycott BP
12/06/2016 at 21:48. Facebook
Back in 2010 at the hight of the Bp spill….I had at one time more followers on my Boycott bp page then the White House…Not more then Barrack Obama’s personal account…But, more then the official White House fb page for a month (881,000)…Fb was relatively new and yes that blew my mind…I never posted anything that was not true and sourced...I took Safeway gas of off the boycott when they said...
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The Conversation: Boycott BP Facebook Movement

Diane Sawyer talks with the man who started the Boycott BP Facebook page. For more, click here: http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/gulf-coast-oil-spill-obama-ups-pres...

Scientists have identified the first evidence of Deepwater Horizon oil in a land animal - the Seaside Sparrow. The scientists analyzed the diet and feathers of sparrows collected more than a year after the oil spill. The birds that were captured in habitats that were exposed to the oil had a different chemical signature in their tissues than the birds that were found in areas of the marsh that...
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Deepwater Horizon oil shows up in sparrows

Deputies deployed tear gas and fired on protesters with a water cannon on the Backwater Bridge, according to a news release from the Morton County, N.D., Sheriff’s Department on Sunday night.

The temperature dipped to 27 degrees in Cannon Ball, with a wind chill that hit 18 degrees.

Pipeline protesters clash with police in North Dakota

Company’s model shows a spill from its proposed well could have a much more devastating effect on coasts and marine life than previously thought

BP modelling shows Great Australian Bight oil spill could reach New South Wales