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Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson Love Oil and It Really Hurts the Working Class
Fake but funny.
A BP pipeline running along Sauls Creek in Bayfield Colorado was discovered ruptured last week, spilling coal-bed methane produced water into the creek and forcing the emergency construction of an earthen dam to prevent contamination downstream.

BP pipeline ruptures near Bayfield, spills into Sauls Creek
The move to Colorado from Houston makes you wonder if they know something...Like that climate change is real and Houston will be underwater one day. Plus the Texas summers have got to be brutal on the British overlords. ;)

BP's Lower 48 Business to Establish Headquarters in Colorado | Press releases | Media room | BP U.S.
BELFIELD, N.D. — Belle Fourche Pipeline Co. estimates that 130,200 gallons of oil spilled into a tributary of the Little Missouri River last week and another 46,200 gallons leaked into a hillside, the North Dakota Department of Health said Monday, Dec. 12.

The spill discovered by a landowner on Dec. 5 was not detected by monitoring equipment on the pipeline, which is owned by of True...
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North Dakota oil pipeline spill estimated at 176,000 gallons...
This one really takes the cake: Trump wants to nominate Rick Perry to head the U.S. Department of Energy.....that was the third federal department that Perry wanted to eliminate during the 2012 Presidential Debates (but he couldn’t remember the name...). Perry was embarrassed, ran out of money, and exited the race shortly after that humiliation.

Rick Perry a leading contender to run Energy Department under Trump
Now he can answer under oath about man made climate change...That Exxon has known about since the late 1970's...Oh and he can answer about his friendship medal from Russia....and why rewarding Putin for taking the Crimea by removing the sanctions is a good idea. Also he can explain why his buddy Putin cutting off the natural gas to Europe in the winter of 2009 was necessary

Trump presidency: Exxon's Rex Tillerson for top diplomat? - BBC News
So Russia rigs the election (with a hack of the DNC email) to get Trump in so he will remove the sanctions....And Trump puts the head of Exxon in as Secretary of State. Romney comes through the front door to interview for the job "A dog and pony show." While Exxon Mobil Corp Chief Executive Officer Rex Tillerson comes through the back door. ...
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Exxon CEO is now Trump's secretary of state favorite, says transition official
Drink up Chicago...You voted for Hillary...Maybe after you lose a few IQ points you will see things the Bp/ Pence way. BTW Obama should have stopped it... Pence should have stopped it...Trump wants to build more refineries.

Indiana And BP Officials Can’t Say Whether Mercury Got Dumped Into Lake Michigan
Over regulation is killing lake Michigan...Tell the government to allow Bp to dump more Mercury in the lake....The EPA is out of control..Please note sarcasm.

Indiana gives BP a pass on mercury
The guy that Trump just picked to head the EPA is suing the EPA. Please Share.
Back in 2010 at the hight of the Bp spill….I had at one time more followers on my Boycott bp page then the White House…Not more then Barrack Obama’s personal account…But, more then the official White House fb page for a month (881,000)…Fb was relatively new and yes that blew my mind…I never posted anything that was not true and sourced...I took Safeway gas of off the boycott when they said...
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The Conversation: Boycott BP Facebook Movement

Diane Sawyer talks with the man who started the Boycott BP Facebook page. For more, click here:

Scientists have identified the first evidence of Deepwater Horizon oil in a land animal - the Seaside Sparrow. The scientists analyzed the diet and feathers of sparrows collected more than a year after the oil spill. The birds that were captured in habitats that were exposed to the oil had a different chemical signature in their tissues than the birds that were found in areas of the marsh that...
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Deepwater Horizon oil shows up in sparrows