Member [PL] – a Retired Slaughterman has his say in response to this Barnaby Joyce reply...
Ok Barnaby get your head out of the sand while checks and balances were taken in 2015. It is now 2017 and if you think the procedures witnessed at the time of the visit, by the state committee for the prevention of cruelty to animals, would have been the normal every day procedures, you are sadly...
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BOYCOTT ~ NutraBubs Baby & Toddler Formula 1-3 years
NutraBubs is recommended by AUSTRALIAN MADE & halal certified by Mohamad ElMouelhy's HCAA – but Australian Made do not tell you that fact regarding Halal Certification on their website!
[ Link ]
NutraBubs is manufactured in an Australian facility directly owned by Nutra Pharmaceuticals.
Nutra Pharmaceutical is 100%...
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AUSTRALIA - SECT 116 - Commonwealth not to legislate in respect of religion
Thank You to Member [NW] who sent in this image of this legislation
Anyone here with Legal knowledge may be able to answer the question of whether Australia legislating regarding halal certification being needed for Export breaks this Legislation.
The Australian Government have legislated to endorse Halal...
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SUPREME COURT Defamation Proceedings Have Settled
El-Mouelhy vs Q Society & Ors
Supreme Court Defamation Proceedings No.2014/377391
Just for the Record - Today the parties in these proceedings have settled their dispute and intend to move forward without engaging in further disputation.
I will let you read the rest for yourselves - NO COMMENT!
Thanks to Doug for another another halal parody...
We're not gonna take it!
We don't want halal food anymore... and the same goes for your damn sharia law!
This Reply to Member [JH] has so many half-truths - she says...
"People need to see how out of touch our government is. He didn't answer my specific questions and seems not to know or care about how halal slaughter works. Disgrace really!"
So much wrong there.
He is only recognising the 22 halal authorities that are on the Government website...
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Thank You to our Member [AP] who shared this with us & said...
"Good Afternoon, I have sent an email to the PM regarding Halal certification. Please see attached the response I received."
It was a my will letter as follows :

To The Honourable Member

I know that it is my duty to keep you informed of MY WILL on anything that comes before...
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<3 SUPPORT MEAT, POULTRY & FISH - This is Conventional Meat <3
The Meat & Poultry in this Album is NOT Halal Ritually Slaughtered. We appreciate proper animal husbandry along with the stunning of Australian Livestock to the point of Irreversible Unconsciousness & Permanent Insensitivity to pain. We appreciate suppliers using traditional Animal Husbandry procedures and avoidance of GM Feeds & unnecessary use of hormones, antibiotics & rumen manipulators....
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Advance Australia - Where?
A light hearted look at halal in Australia.
Thanks to Doug.
BOYCOTT HALAL! Refuse to buy from Slaughterhouses or Suppliers of Halal Certified Meat or Ritually Slaughtered Meat - Halal requires the livestock to be Alive at the point of slaughter, so a Reversible Stun or No Stun at all is used which is cruel. AVOID both the Halal & the rejected Haram Meat & Halal bi-products. Insist on obtaining Conventional...
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Great Music & Song & Video from Doug - Top Quality Mate!
One of our Members [AK] asks...
Where can I get the songs and music from i live in Adelaide I love the aussie music that I have seen on your page - that's why I'm asking
I'll pay for them - I'd like someone to get paid for them - i don't copy it's not right - that's why I asked where can I get them.
BOYCOTT HALAL says... Well if Doug...
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One of our Members asked us to remind you about Cape Grim Beef being Non-halal conventional Meat. The farmers of Cape Grim produce amazing cattle & Greenhams process it humanely & we get to use fully traceable, beautifully flavoured grass fed beef. What a privilege!
[ Link ]
Cape Grim Beef is sold throughout Australia - Get the Scanner!
Did you know you can trace back your...
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Mount Lindesay Highway, Jimboomba Queensland 4280
One of our Members [PL] says...
Hi. Just letting you know I stuck my head into the butchers in Jimboomba Qld --Fine Quality Meals (address:Mount Lindesay Hwy. jimboomba. 07 5546 9755) & I asked them if there Meat was halal & they said yes. I have never brought from them & I certainly won't...
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Officials deny NZ meat industry favours Muslim religion
One of our NZ Members says... "Oh and don't forget it has to be slaughtered by a Muslim, there are 200 odd employed in NZ abattoirs, so prob near 1000 here in Australia I am about reverse racial discrimination!"
[ Link ]
Officials have poured cold water over a Kiwi farmer's concerns that New Zealand's meat...
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One of our Members says...
Baa Moo Oink butchers in Adelaide has multiple halal items I thought because they were a small local butcher that it would be ok. I buy from their shop all the time but at Christmas I ordered pork and lamb. The lamb had a big halal symbol on the vacuum packaging. I was so upset that I messaged them and the owner called me. He said...
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One of our Members [HLL] wants to Boycott Halal, but says...
"Totally agree with the boycott, but most of the times it's very hard to see if it's halal certified or not"
BOYCOTT HALAL says... You need to create a List of the sort of things you usually buy and find replacements for all those that are Halal Certified... it is a tedious process, but once done it...
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<3 Conventional Australian Dairy Products <3
Halal Free Dairy - Milk, Cheese, Cream, Ice Cream, Yoghurt & Eggs that has NOT been halal certified.
[ Link ]
<3 Tea, Coffee & hot drinks NOT halal certified - SUPPORT! <3
Please Boycott ALL those other brands that are Halal Certified and SUPPORT these brands that are refusing to pay money to the halal authorities.
[ Link ]
Legal challenges & issues of concern regarding the halal industry
[ Link ]
Park Avenue Foods do NOT pay for Halal Certificates
See their Website:
Not so well known by their name, but very recognisable by the Easter eggs they produce, Park Avenue Foods has confirmed that none of their Easter egg range is halal certified.
This is great news for those wanting a good variety of non-halal chocolate Easter eggs.
Park Avenue...
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