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yesterday at 17:30. Facebook
The memory of a day like Today can get you through the rest of your life

Today moment submitted by Katelyn Clark.
Brad Paisley
02/26/2017 at 18:58. Facebook
Bring on tomorrow, I've got today.

Today moment submitted by Jenna Liesch.
Brad Paisley
02/21/2017 at 23:22. Facebook
This is why I make records.
What's up Verona, NY! #LifeAmplified
We're here in Hershey, PA tonight! #LifeAmplified
LOVE AND WAR. The new album - April 21.
Great to be in the home of Dunder Mifflin! #TheElectricCity #LifeAmplified
We've come thousands of miles to see you! What a thrill it is to be here in Canada!
Canada you laid out the white carpet! Thanks for having us Moncton, NB!
We are gonna pretend it's not 3 degrees outside tonight. Thanks for coming out St. John, NB!
Welcome to 2017 Kingston, ON!
I'm so honored you would start your weekend with us Peterborough! Kingston, ON we will see you tomorrow night!
It's the dead of winter in Canada and we are glad to be here Sudbury!
We are happy you shelled out your monopoly looking Canadian money. Starting the year off in Canada! #Today is the first show of 2017!
Tune into PBS Friday night or watch LIVE right here on Facebook at 9PM to see the Landmarks Live on Great Performances l PBS from West Virginia University!
Los Angeles county museum of art, this stopped me in my tracks yesterday. Here's to the power of dreams. #MLKDAY
If you're gonna quote me on something, this is a good one.
You were the first kick-ass princess most of us ever saw. Now go save our galaxy from the great beyond.
Merry Christmas from Penguin James Penguin and all of us at Team Paisley .........
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