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03/01/2017 at 14:29. Facebook
An interview with our #CODZA captain, Bravado Lithium: [ Link ] | Digital Gaming League

Make sure you follow Lithium on twitter at @bravadolithium and the team handle @bvdcod #bvdgaming #ps4

Lithium Set For A Bright Future with Bravado | Telkom Gaming
Bravado Gaming
03/01/2017 at 11:53. Facebook
R50,000! Winner takes all. Going down tonight vs. Energy eSports in the Mettlestate #CSGO Launch. Tag a friend and let them know! #bvdgaming #mettlestate #esports
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yesterday at 19:22. Facebook
It all goes down, tomorrow night in a winner take all, R50,000 match-up! #bvdgaming
Bravado Gaming
yesterday at 13:13. Facebook
Interested in partnering with some of the best e-thletes in Africa? Let's leave a legacy for what we stand, together. Contact us for our interactive Introduction Deck! #bvdgaming
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02/27/2017 at 15:15. Facebook
Tomorrow morning (February 28) between 08:15 and 08:30 catch our very own Andreas Cent Hadjipaschali on the 5FM Nick Hamman #HammanTime show as he talks about Bravado Gaming and E-Sports!
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02/23/2017 at 18:59. Facebook
ESEA have announced the regions that will be playing at the Season 24 finals, and it does not include a team from South Africa: [ Link ]

Play - Content - Season 24 Mountain Dew League Global LAN Finals Details
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02/22/2017 at 08:42. Facebook
It's true, it's a COD team without Robohobo

Bravado Gaming re-enter Call of Duty
We're delighted to announce that we've finally entered the console scene, welcoming our new #COD squad! Read more: [ Link ] by anneKsiy | Like and share if you approve!

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Bravado Gaming Enters COD Console
At 19h00 tonight, we're delighted to announce our new division to the family! #bvdgaming
More codes for ESEA. First come, first serve, please let us know when you've redeemed one. 7 Day codes. #bvdgaming

If you're new, head over to [ Link ] and redeem your code.

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Our very own Johnny "JT" Theodosiou decided that floating on a swan was one of the things to do at this past weekends #CSGO boot-camp in Johannesburg. We lol'd. #bvdgaming
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