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Every time we get knocked down, we have a chance to rise back up even taller. #StayGiant
Every time we get knocked down we have a chance to rise back up even taller StayGiant
Find out how a cause close to his heart motivated barber Travis Sweeny to give back to his community. #StayGiant
Shonda Azure-Campbell
Beth Ann Sarpong
Nikkie Barros
Longfellow was right - nothing makes you appreciate a good day like a bad one. #StayGiant
Lesley Webb Valeski
Lisa Hammond
Abigail Ludwig
Paula Bastian
Marilyn Johnson
LaTonna Spencer Sims
“Strength for’s inside. It’s persistence. It’s courage.” - Dr. Patty Lopez #StrengthHasNoGender #StayGiant
The Santa Fe New Mexican
Jo-Ann MacNeill
Kacie Neal
Thank you for your support, Walmart. #StrengthHasNoGender
Thank you for your support Walmart StrengthHasNoGender
Garrett O'Brien
Dr. Anna Kornbrot didn’t become the first woman to graduate from her college without tenacity. #StrengthHasNoGender #StayGiant
Menuche Rubinstein
Maddy Fox
Teresa Berg Salas
“It was really nice to break down stereotypes of what a modern coder does look like.” - Brittany Wenger #StrengthHasNoGender #StayGiant
Emily Lee
Olivia Ellen Homer
Khristian Perrine
"I can write my own rules.” - Vernice Armour #StrengthHasNoGender #StayGiant
Elaine McDevitt
Cary Truex
Yadira Perez
We’re partnering with Girls Inc. for Women’s History Month and contributing $75,000 to its Operation SMART program. See how you can help at: [ Link ] #StrengthHasNoGender
Caitlyn Hungerford
Carla Vallone
Marybeth Kelly Nunziante
Every time a woman shatters expectations and norms, there’s another woman ready to do the same. #StrengthHasNoGender

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Setbacks are only bricks in the path of success. Because it's not Amer I Can't. It's Amer I Can. #StayGiant
Dakota Bean
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With the right attitude and a little determination, nothing can stop you. #StayGiant
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There are plenty of giants among us. Who’s yours? Tag a friend, or post a photo of a giant in your life. #StayGiant
Autumn Marie McFall
Marsha Larrabee
Kelly SweetKenny Whitmire
Whether or not 2016 was one big party, you’ve earned the right to get your groove on. #StayGiant
Van Jones
Chris Ball
Lynn Sparks Gordon Bachman
For all our military has done for us, this is the least we can do for them. We’re proud to donate $250,000 to Wounded Warrior Project. #StayGiant
For all our military has done for us this is the least
Kandy Taylor
Angela Rypkema
Peter Johnson
You’re never too young to be a giant. See how this teenager’s crusade for coats is warming more than just hearts this winter. #StayGiant
Maureen Breading
Julie Medrano
Jorjette Dean Jones
The holidays can be tough. Reward your resilience. #StayGiant
The holidays can be tough Reward your resilience StayGiant
Sydney Atkinson
Briana White
Aisha Lavender
Some days, the biggest challenge is leaving your driveway. #StayGiant
Vicki Gabe Woods
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