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More evidence of just how easily #dengue is spread. #travelhealth

German Travelers Bringing Diverse Dengue Strains Home
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#DenguePrevention gets a toolkit! This new #denguevaccine toolkit features a guide to introduction plus, delivery and ‘rumor management’ tools.

Dengue vaccination toolkit lends a hand to prevention initiatives
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A long-range #dengue epidemic predictor comes from an unexpected source. #globalhealth

Dengue alert: scientists find natural warning system
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See how to #FightAedes by controlling mosquito breeding grounds near you. #dengueprevention

How to prevent the transmission of dengue virus -
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Scientists at the Calcutta University turn to another mosquito to prevent dengue transmission. Read how the Lutzia could help. #dengue #mosquitoes

This mosquito eats the Dengue-causing one | Kolkata NYOOOZ
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This novel approach for #dengue surveillance and control proves to greatly reduce the spread of diseases transmitted by #Aedes mosquitoes.

Contact tracing, with indoor spraying, can curb dengue outbreak
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Fighting #dengue successfully means taking on the world's most deadly animal. See how vector control is changing. #publichealth #mosquitoes

How soap, chairs and clothing could stop mosquito bites and diseases
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Here's an example of how despite efforts, many neighborhoods across #Malaysia struggle to eliminate Aedes breeding grounds. How do you think #dengue prevention could be improved near you?

A tale of two woes - Community | The Star Online
Your smartphone + #DengueTrack. Now, you can warn others and help paint a truer picture of #dengue. Get started today! #publichealth

Dengue fever prevention from your phone with Dengue Track
How would you like to see #dengue prevention improved? Residents warned to take precautions. Dengue is on the rise in #Malaysia, keep your area clean and free of stagnant water.

Malaysians told to brace for possible spike in dengue cases - Nation | The Star Online
The battle against #dengue continues in #Brazil and across #LatinAmerica, but the government in Paraná added an innovative line of defense against the disease. Read all about it...

Paraná dengue battle: Brazilian state is pioneer in vaccination
#Dengue is taking its toll in #NewCaledonia, a 25-year-old woman in the Noumea area died of type 1.

Dengue claims life in New Caledonia
Over 590 million people arrived at European Union airports in 2015 alone, and some travelers may be bringing some unwanted guests. Read how #Aedes mosquitoes are wreaking havoc on #publichealth is some unexpected locations. #dengue

From Zika to dengue, a warming Europe faces new disease threats
A reminder of why we need protection from Mr. #Dengue.
Wow! These findings could improve #dengue predictive #surveillance models with lead times of up to six months. #dengueprevention

Dengue alert: scientists find natural warning system
What do you think of the Wolbachia approach to eliminate #dengue?

Vietnam to release anti-dengue mosquitoes into wild - Xinhua |
Better dengue prevention is needed in #SriLanka. The country recorded almost 8,700 #dengue patients already this year, over half of the cases coming from the W. Province.

Health Ministry reveals startling Dengue statistics for 2017 - Sri Lanka News
Report dengue incidence near you using your smartphone + Dengue Track. Helping to Break Dengue and control outbreaks has never been this easy. #dengueprevention #dengue

Dengue Track - boost dengue fever prevention using your phone
Great interview with Dr. Navin Khanna of #India. Learn more about his #dengue drug in development. Clinical trials on humans are only a few years away.

India's dengue fighter: ‘We have developed the world's first dengue drug' - Times of India
Don't wait for Aedes mosquitoes to hit high season, do the 5-Step #MozzieWipeout today! #dengue