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In the first three months of this year, #SriLanka has seen over 20,000 people have been infected and with #dengue and 13 deaths. What do you think needs to change to reduce infections?

Sri Lankan PM says spread of dengue part of health crisis in Asia - Xinhua |
Break Dengue
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Learn the four main factors influencing the spread of mosquito-borne viruses in the Americas. #dengue #publichealth

Why Are There So Many Mosquito-Borne Virus Outbreaks in the Americas?
Break Dengue
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Right now, I’m on a learning trip in Indonesia. Day one was pretty incredible—filled with stunning vistas, fascinating conversations, and thrilling discoveries that make me even more optimistic about Indonesia’s future.

I was especially excited to visit the Eliminate Dengue lab, where researchers are infecting mosquitoes with remarkable bacteria called Wolbachia. The bacteria prevent the...
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With the profound burden of #dengue impacting more and more families around the globe, how do you think local governments could improve raising awareness around this disease? #publichealth

Zika interest and meeting today's public health challenges
Health experts met in Caribbean to discuss #dengue. Read why the disease is now the world’s most widely-spread mosquito-borne viral infection. [ Link ] #publichealth

PAHO WHO | Twenty-one countries in the Americas and in Asia share dengue expertise in PAHO/WHO Seminar
At a recent workshop by The Pan American Health Organization, experts called dengue fever, "the disease of the century..." Read more about controlling the age-old disease in a modern era. [ Link ] #dengue #globalhealth

Caribbean countries share dengue expertise - News
Researchers developed a smartphone-controlled, battery-operated diagnostic that costs about $100 and detects #Zika, #dengue, and #chikungunya within 30 minutes. #diagnostics

Zika, dengue testing on your smartphone - Outbreak News Today
Create a record of #dengue activity to help experts better understand this disease. Click to report incidence near you using #DengueTrack.

Dengue fever prevention from your phone with Dengue Track
Read about the connection between #ClimatecChange and dengue fever. #globalhealth #dengue

Understanding the impact of global warming on the spread of dengue - Break Dengue
"#Dengue is a problem of generations, which challenges us more and more..." The first International Asia-Latin America Workshop on Diagnosis, Clinical Management, and Dengue Surveillance ended yesterday. Read why Health Authorities need your help to #FightAedes. #globalhealth

Twenty-one countries in the Americas and in Asia share dengue expertise in PAHO/WHO Seminar
The #RedCross is lending a hand to Pacific Island Nations that continue to struggle with mosquito-borne-diseases like #dengue. #publichealth

Red Cross fights spikes in dengue across the Pacific
It may not be rolling off their tongues, but global health experts are talking about the science behind the Wolbachia bacteria. Learn more about how it is being used to #FightAedes. #dengue #globalhealth

Wolbachia bacteria is reducing the impact of dengue, find out how...
4 billion people at risk? It is hard to believe dengue has spread so quickly. Read more about the world's deadliest creature and some of the initiatives tackling mosquito-borne-disease. #ProjectZero #dengue

4 Billion People At Risk Of Being Infected With The Fastest Growing Mosquito-Borne Disease
#DengueFever is now one of our biggest threats to global health. Learn more about the increasing need for sustained dengue prevention and control from the WHO. [ Link ] #dengue #globalhealth

Now you can fight dengue using your phone. Click the link to start reporting dengue activity near you. [ Link ] #DengueTrack #dengueprevention

Dengue fever prevention from your phone with Dengue Track
Good news! #IBM's new, pro-bono consulting program aiming to help improve public health around the world is taking the fight against two major health challenges #dengue and #Zika. #globalhealth

IBM helps fight Dengue Fever, Zika Virus
The second #DengueSummit took place in the #Philippines identifying better methods to control outbreaks and innovative approaches to boost dengue prevention. Read why the host country is leading the way. [ Link ] #dengueprevention

Dengue Summit: Learn why The Philippines is standing out in the fight against dengue.
How are you fighting Aedes' bite? An expert explains how travellers can reduce risks of dengue? #dengue #publichealth

Expert opinion: How best can you protect yourself from dengue fever?
The past few years we have joined a coalition of stakeholders to meet the public health challenges posed by #dengue fever. Learn more about our projects. #publichealth

World Health Organisation report on eHealth cites Break Dengue
This project was a recipient of the #DenguePrize. Learn how Malaria Consortium is boosting community participation for better #dengue control in #Cambodia. [ Link ]

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