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"What are your prospects of changing the government if you are in the single digits in the preferred Prime Minister poll?" Jack Tame asked Andrew Little this morning.
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Freedom camping brings big business to New Zealand - around $1 million a month over the summer time - but it also creates a big mess on our roadsides.

Some campervan rental companies are offering customers a refund if their toilets come back untouched - but is this sending the wrong message?
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Is it finally time to ditch the minimum wage?

Aotearoa's living wage has just increased to $20.20 an hour. But if employers stick to paying the minimum wage rather than the living one, what's the point?
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Are Blair Tuke and Peter Burling BFFs? Do they snore? Are they really that chilled?

Brodie goes off the record with our favourite Olympians-come-Team New Zealand sailors.
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In case you missed it - Matty went behind the scenes today of the incredible Pop-Up Globe in Auckland, chatting with everyone from cast members to costume designers.
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"It was only a small bridge, around 65 feet, I figured it was okay to have a crack."

AJ Hackett's claim to fame is bungy jumping, but should there be another name sharing some of the spotlight? A new film says yes.
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From Trump’s false claims of a terrorist attack in Sweden to fresh concerns over Brexit, Emma Keeling has all the latest straight out of Europe.
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How are media consumers supposed to spot what is "fake news", and what is not?

The expression has been bandied around a lot already this year, so we took a closer look into what it actually means.
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How come National didn’t take more of a dip in the polls post-John Key?

“That sheep shearing was a stunner, and I think it’s going to be an iconic thing for Bill English,” says Phil Gifford. However Teuila Blakely doesn’t think the PM is as charismatic as his predecessor.
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New Zealand is "obsessed with assessing and ranking our children" according to The Opportunities Party, which has just announced its education policy.

It has proposed slashing the current NCEA testing method - what are your thoughts on this?
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"Let's start the morning with a bang!"

Matty is at the Pop-Up Globe in Auckland this morning, where he tried - then tried again - to light the cannon, but it didn't go according to plan.
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Are you a part of the Early Risers Club? Upload a photo of your morning and you could win 1 of 10 delicious hampers & the grand prize of a Fonterra experience money-can’t buy!

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Good idea or absolutely nuts?

A town in the Netherlands have installed traffic lights in foot paths to make sure people on their phones actually stop for cars before crossing. Should Aotearoa trial this?
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Meet Thelma and Louise, the chickens who were this morning rescued from beyond the cordon in Christchurch following the Port Hills fires.
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A firefighter who's battled the Port Hills blaze is calling for New Zealand to invest in more fire-fighting technology.

Firefighter calling for NZ to mimic Aus, USA by investing in more fire-fighting technology
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"I think Trump likes running for President rather than being President!"

Donald J. Trump is preparing to officially launch his 2020 re-election bid.
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"I made the dreadful mistake of answering a question to a reporter, it’s a dangerous thing to do sometimes in this business."

Gerry Brownlee says the Port Hills fire highlights the need for an overhaul of civil defence laws, and that a state of emergency should've been declared sooner.