Savor the flavors of good fortune and experience the traditions of Chinese culture with Good Life's Flavors of Fortune on January 27 and 28! #BreakfastPH #AsiaFoodNews

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Celebrate Chinese New Year with Good Life’s Flavors of Fortune Campaign | Asia Food News
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Some lunch idea here! Tinolang Manok with Vermicelli recipe from our June - July 2016 Issue. Find the full recipe here: [ Link ] #BreakfastPH
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Here's our take on this classic Filipino dish - Pork Adobo. Check the recipe here: [ Link ] #BreakfastPH
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Sheer determination, consistency, and teamwork – the not-so-secret formula that paved the way to The Yard’s continuous success. #AsiaFoodNews
Why go through a drive-through when you can have food – healthier food, too – delivered directly to you? #AsiaFoodNews #BreakfastPH

CRATE.PH - All Natural, Healthy, and Convenient | Asia Food News
Know how to make your own Churro Ice Cream Sandwich with this quick and easy recipe! Full recipe here: [ Link ] #BreakfastPH
The Salad Room at Discovery Primea could very well be the healthiest buffet in Manila. #AsiaFoodNews

The Salad Room: the Healthiest Buffet in Manila | Asia Food News
Good morning! Start your week right with a cup of coffee and a dulce de leche french toast! Find the full recipe here: [ Link ] #BreakfastPH
Here's a Bavarian Sandwich you can make in 15 minutes! Find full recipe here: [ Link ] #BreakfastPH
Healthy alternatives that do not compromise on taste and flavor. We're spoiled with an abundance in real ingredients as we're getting it straight from the source. We're not trying to be healthy but it's definitely a bonus that our country is rich in these type of products.

Stay healthy with FoodSource PH
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Succulently savory, serve this up at your next Sunday lunch and prepare to be the star at your next family gathering. Full recipe here: [ Link ] #BreakfastPH
Here's a quick and easy lunch idea you can cook today, the Green Curry Bicol Express. Find the full recipe here: [ Link ] #BreakfastPH
With all the unhealthy stuff we eat on a day to day basis, detoxify with some of the Philippine's unique treasures. Our selection of herbal teas are made from the roots and leaves of plants with different healing properties. Why go for an apple a day if we have fruits and spices like these growing in our own soil?

This herbal selection is brought to you by FoodSource PH
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Celebrations wouldn't be complete without something roasted--so ours was made extra special with a generous plate of Bizu's Roast Lamb Leg, only at Bizu Patisserie & Bistro ! #BreakfastPH
Mix up your sweet tooth cravings with these nutty chocolate delights from Bizu Patisserie & Bistro ! #BreakfastPH
Native Gourmet 's Crab Paste "Taba ng Talangka" is a must try! Sinfully good, they offer a healthier version by using Virgin Coconut Oil. Make your own Aligue Pasta, just grab a bottle and top it over pasta! You have the option to mix in shrimps, mussels, squid or other seafood. Great for quick meals and also as a easy to make party dish!

All Native Gourmet products have No MSG,...
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Dark, white or milk--a bar of chocolate is always better with a mix of nuts. We bet you would fall in love with these treats, bite after bite! Get these sweet Mendiants from Bizu Patisserie & Bistro ! #BreakfastPH
Making our day sweeter one cookie at time with Bizu Patisserie & Bistro holiday treats! #BreakfastPH
This White Truffle and Honey Cake from Bizu Patisserie & Bistro is our current apple of our eye. What a great treat this Christmas! #BreakfastPH
Make your Christmas merrier with Bizu Patisserie & Bistro Festive Cakes! These cakes would make a perfect centerpiece for your Noche Buena! #BreakfastPH