Breaking Dawn
Breaking Dawn
05/26/2017 at 15:51. Facebook
Can you imagine Bella and Edward professing their love on social media? See what the characters from 'Twilight' would post if they all had Instagram!
Breaking Dawn 05/26/2017

See What the 'Twilight' Characters Would Post If They Had Instagram
Tasha Baillie
Akilah Dionne Rashida Moore
Makayla Buchanan
Breaking Dawn
Breaking Dawn
05/24/2017 at 16:54. Facebook
Why blend in when you were born to stand out? Watch the NEW trailer for #WonderTheMovie starring Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, and Jacob Tremblay - Coming to theaters November 17! Based on the best-selling novel by RJ Palacio. #ChooseKind
Donna Jo Sutter
Lexi Marks
Dawn Kelsey
Happy Birthday to the youngest Cullen Mackenzie Foy! And Happy #NationalYoungReadersDay! #Twilight
Breaking Dawn 11/10/2016
Nathan Baldwin
Tammy Brotton
Rupali Gupta
Terri Kotsakis
Adriane Hudson
Bek Bissmire
Francesco Maida
Jade Marmiite Nicoll
Kaylee Dolha
Simone Targa
Cynthia Cagle
Sara McCree
Ikara Cervantes
Kim Baldwin
Tee Jay
Nadine Mücke
Amelia Herbst-Smit
Heather Freeman
Sarah Cassady
Jerri Lynn Montanez
Betty Victoria
Here’s to first dances & eternal love. #Twilight
Breaking Dawn 09/20/2016
Gauri Kshirsagar
Michielle S Liwanag
Khusnul Khotimah
Send our Bella, a.k.a. Kristen Stewart, some birthday love today!
Breaking Dawn 04/09/2017
Jennifer Abbott
Wish You Were Here
Sharon Nordost Ludwig
#GoGo Power Rangers! Breaking Dawn fans, buy 1 Power Rangers Movie ticket using Atom Tickets, get 1 ticket FREE! Use code RANGERSBOGO at and see it with your squad in theaters this Thursday!
Benjamin Nicky Klodskov Christensen
Lily-Jade Thibeault-Bergeron
Sky Simone
Ten Novices. Ten Experts. Can they survive each other long enough to win $500,000? Tune in to the series premiere of Kicking & Screaming TONIGHT 9/8c on FOX!
Sky Simone
Sky Simone
Sky Simone
Happy birthday to #Twilight’s own Ashley Greene!
Breaking Dawn 02/21/2017
Kamohelo Ngwaana Kgomongoe
Chelsey Footner
Jennifer Abbott
Emily Shaw
Kamal Mohamed
Ķĥă Łěđ Møšbāĥ
Aubree Pagani
Vanessa Dodt
Julien Vincent
Jeannie Hargrove
Andrea De La Garza
Sarah Menarek
Which #Twilight beauty is your #WCW?
Breaking Dawn 01/11/2017
Melinda Miller
Lottie Tomblin
Agnes Uroko
“Gather as many witnesses as you can before the snow sticks to the ground. That’s when they’ll come for us.” #Twilight
Breaking Dawn 01/01/2017
Allison Cowden
Elaina McFadden
Allison Cowden