Send our Bella, a.k.a. Kristen Stewart, some birthday love today!
Breaking Dawn 04/09/2017
Jennifer Abbott
Wish You Were Here
Sharon Nordost Ludwig
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Sky Simone
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Sky Simone
Sky Simone
Sky Simone
Happy birthday to #Twilight’s own Ashley Greene!
Breaking Dawn 02/21/2017
Kamohelo Ngwaana Kgomongoe
Chelsey Footner
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Emily Shaw
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Ķĥă Łěđ Møšbāĥ
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Tina Flores
Which #Twilight beauty is your #WCW?
Breaking Dawn 01/11/2017
Melinda Miller
Lottie Tomblin
Agnes Uroko
“Gather as many witnesses as you can before the snow sticks to the ground. That’s when they’ll come for us.” #Twilight
Breaking Dawn 01/01/2017
Allison Cowden
Elaina McFadden
Allison Cowden
Merry Christmas from the Cullens! #Twilight
Breaking Dawn 12/25/2016
Alexandra Stephanie O'Connell
Ashley Jane Galope
Terri Don
Suzy Mullins
Kadie Oryall
Hussein Abdirahman
Which #Twilight hottie is your #MCM?
Breaking Dawn 12/05/2016
Rebekah Bissmire
Tribellah Pats
Barbara Corker
Happy Birthday Billy Burke! Bella couldn’t have had a better dad! #Twilight
Breaking Dawn 11/25/2016
Evelyn Appleby
Deb Saunders
Maura Evans
Stevie Phillips
Sky Simone
Pam Herrington Jones
Vito Bailey
Yanti Ariandi
নিশ্চুপ গোধূলী
Happy Birthday to the youngest Cullen Mackenzie Foy! And Happy #NationalYoungReadersDay! #Twilight
Breaking Dawn 11/10/2016
Nathan Baldwin
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