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Mr Trump has complained that the "FBI is totally unable to stop the national security 'leakers' that have permeated our government for a long time".

Trump adviser asked FBI to dispute Russia reports, White House officials say
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So far today, around half of the 600 individual faults on the system this morning due to #StormDoris have been repaired.

LATEST: Here are the areas still without power; 'small pockets' to be out for second night
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If you were on the line between Limerick and Limerick Junction on the 13:45pm and 14:45pm service, this is what lead to your delay.

Truck, believed to be carrying chemicals, gets wedged under bridge closing Limerick rail services
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Per capita figures show people aged 15+ in Ireland now consume 11.5 litres of pure alcohol a year.

Drinking up across the board; 'unsustainable burden on health service'
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We suspect there was probably a round of applause on board after that one.

Watch the terrifying moment this plane manages to land during Storm Doris
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Hands up who now wants to see Cian Healy and Jamie Heaslip at the barre?

WATCH: Rugby League team turn to ballet for strength and flexibility
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Repair crews have now been working for two days, to repair the havoc caused by Storm Doris.

ESB crews 'working tirelessly' to repair 600 faults after Storm Doris
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"The chair collapsed from under him. There was a serious crack. It was nasty."

Man hospitalised after chair breaks in Limerick court.
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Mr Vigneault's Twitch profile says he had raised nearly $11,000 for various charities during his five-year streaming career.

Man dies while attempting 24-hour video game session for charity
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He said the information being reported is classified and could have a "devastating effect" on the country.

Donald Trump blames FBI for failing to stop media leaks
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An Old Bailey jury deliberated for a day to clear Harris of plotting to supply cocaine and heroin, but found him guilty of stashing the money.

Towie star's boyfriend could walk free from prison within weeks
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"This girl, who was perfectly healthy before, has now been left with all sorts of difficulties requiring rehabilitation and ongoing medical care."

Suspended jail sentence for teenager who knocked down boyfriend's ex
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There's some big decision to make for Fantasy Premier League managers - check our guide to navigating the dreaded "blank gameweeks"...
#FPL #GW26

The week in Fantasy Premier League: Selling Sanchez and Zlatan, Liverpool midfielders and the surprise Double Gameweek