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"As a mum who lost my daughter, Becs, to breast cancer when she was only 33, I’m reaching out for your help. Please donate and help us fund research to save lives this #MothersDay."

Mother's Day Appeal - Amanda
Breast Cancer Now
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We're celebrating all the amazing mum's across the UK today. Happy #MothersDay!
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Breast Cancer Now
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We're celebrating our #PinkRibbonBall Manchester under the wings of Concorde G-BOAC aircraft at Manchester Airport tonight! We can't wait to see Alesha Dixon (pictured) and Tallia Storm perform, and to meet our hosts Ore Oduba and Jessica Wright. Follow the proceedings on our Twitter/Instagram feeds from 6.30pm GMT this evening.

Pink Ribbon Ball Manchester
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Sometimes secondary breast cancer can cause you pain, but this can be treated. Throughout your care, your treatment team will ask whether you’re in any pain, where it is, how bad it is, and the impact it’s having on your life. If you’re in pain, let your treatment team know, so they can provide pain relief for you.

Treatments to control your pain
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Just weeks after the birth of her first grandchild, Barbara was diagnosed with #breastcancer. Then she found a focus – something to drive her forward, and an outlet for her creative talents. Read how Barbara harnessed her skills as a textile artist to help others, in our new blog written by her daughter Hilary. #MothersDay

A Pocketful of Dreams
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The development of treatments that use the immune system to target and kill cancer cells, known as immunotherapy, is a rapidly growing and exciting area of research. We take a look at the science behind immunotherapies, and the different ways researchers around the world are harnessing the immune system to attack #breastcancer.

Breast Cancer Now Explains ... Immunotherapy
Our retail partner Damart UK has designed a range of beautiful pieces to help support our life-saving breast cancer research. For each product sold between 1 March and 30 April 2017, £4 will be donated to Breast Cancer Now. We think these would make a great gift for Mother's Day in the UK on 26 March!

Damart - nightwear range for spring 2017
With spring approaching, it's time to stop trekking around the house for the remote control, and head into the great outdoors instead!
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Our lifestyle choices and the way we lead our day-to-day lives can affect our risk of developing #breastcancer. We explain more.

Our Social Media Engagement Manager, Peter, knows a thing or two about running a marathon. To date, he has completed five, including the London Marathon twice. Read his insider tips to help you stay happy and healthy on London Marathon day.

Peter's six insider tips for London Marathon success!
Can you give a day to make a difference? We’re looking for some amazing people to help with our latest challenge – two days, 70 Marks and Spencer​ stores, 300 brilliant volunteers, collecting thousands of pounds for #breastcancer research. Click below to find out more.

M&S National Collection Weekend
We'd like to say a huge 'thank you' to all the fab students who collected for us in Central London last Thursday and Friday! The collection raised an epic £48,500 for Breast Cancer Now. Special mention to Loughborough Students' Rag, who raised a whopping £6,108.47 in Friday's #TeamNow collection. Thank you everyone!
We urgently need your help to stop plans that could delay vital new drugs and treatments getting to #breastcancer patients. NHS (England) and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have put forward proposals which will allow them to restrict and delay access to new treatments that cost over a set amount. Time is running out to stop this happening. Please sign this...
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NHS England and NICE: Don’t delay funding for vital drugs and treatments
The Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank is the UK’s largest unique collection of high-quality breast tissue, breast cells and blood samples from breast cancer patients. Our five dedicated Tissue Bank Centres play a vital role in enabling scientists to study and understand how #breastcancer behaves, grows and spreads.

Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank
We explore the research behind news that 20% of #breastcancer patients could benefit from drugs called PARP inhibitors - previously used only in patients with BRCA mutations. Our new blog looks at the historic work, such as documenting ‘genetic graffiti’ marks found in cancer’s DNA, that has contributed to this latest discovery.

Pieces falling into place: Genetic graffiti and PARP inhibitors
Eleanor's mum, Zoe, was diagnosed with #breastcancer in 1997. She had just turned 50. The experience inspired Zoe to raise money to help others who face the same predicament, and the Crocus Walk around Richmond Park in London was born. Read Eleanor's blog to find out how you can join the 2017 walk on Sunday 9 April.

Mum’s Richmond walk for breast cancer research
There are many types of #breastcancer, each having different treatment response and patient prognosis. The innovative work of Dr. Rachel Natrajan (2nd right) and her team, will help pinpoint small genetic variations in different types of breast cancer that could be used to develop new drugs.

Discovering genetic variations within the different types of breast cancer
Our supporter Fiona talks bravely about her #breastcancer diagnosis, and why she thinks all women should check their breasts regularly. It’s good to get into the habit of doing this – maybe when you’re in the bath or shower, or while getting dressed in the morning. Read more about staying breast aware > [ Link ]
Good luck to all the students collecting for us today in central London! If you spot them, please donate your spare change - it will make a big difference! Our top four universities are battling it out to collect the most, and be crowned top RAG! Will it be a third victory for Southampton RAG, or will a new winner be crowned?
Today is #InternationalWomensDay. Dr. Lesley-Ann Martin's work focuses on hormone-receptor positive #breastcancer, the most common form of the disease. Her research plays a key part in our mission to ensure that targeted treatments are developed and tailored to recognise the needs of individual patients. [ Link ]