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This is me Fiona. "I'm 30 and a short while ago was diagnosed with breast cancer and last week I had my op to remove it. While still in shock, hurting and just plain exhausted I wanted to share my story to help if just that one person out there. I knew something wasn't quite right but I ignored it as didn't possibly believe anything would be wrong. So please if there is something not right...
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Due to Breast Cancer Awareness month, Breast Cancer Support volunteers participated in creating awareness in a developing country. We will upload individual stories of patients that your donations are helping!
"I did it :) i feel so proud of myself, I'm so grateful for all the donations so far <3 THANK YOU all so very much!!!
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"My last day of chemo was today. I had a right lumpectomy, harvested 7 eggs and fertilized them, started and finished chemo all since 4-4-16. Radiation starting next month! Hope everyone else out there is staying strong and making it through. Love to you all" Jessica <3
"My mums last chemo was today we are all so proud of her. Next stop radiotherapy. We can now close a chapter and restart a new one." <3
"This was today. Its been quite a journey. Radiation next followed by herceptin infusions for the rest of the year." <3
Thank you Heather Fitzpatrick & Team for supporting Breast Cancer Support, we will upload videos and pictures soon to show how many people your donation has helped! <3
"Thank you so much - we finished in 7:59:04 hours. Overwhelmed by generosity of donations - has far surpassed our target!"
Help Spencer Ede raise money for Breast Cancer Support he will dye his beard pink! [ Link ]
Help Spencer Ede raise money for Breast Cancer Support he will dye his beard pink! [ Link ]

Before - Pink Beard Day

My white beard is almost ready to be pink

Help Save A Life.. Text "BEAT09 ยฃ3" To 70070
"This is mine and my 9 year old daughters tshirts for the race for life that we are doing tomorrow. Really proud of her taken part. My mam was diagnosed January 2016. She had her operation in February. She is her2 + 2 chemo sessions down and 4 more to go. Followed by radiotherapy. My mam puts on brave face everyday especially for her grand daughter as she's asking why is nanas hair...
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