We do not support or profit from either of these money making industries!

The fact that formula is big business does not make it evil, and the fact that breastfeeding is a less commercial choice doesn’t make it right for every family. It helps no one to draw false equivalences between both sides of this debate when they’re as different, in terms of resources, as PBS and Comcast, or to imply...
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The Big, Bad Breastfeeding Industry

The Fed Is Best Foundation has filed a formal complaint with the Consumer Product Safety Commission alleging that the lanyard is based on claims that are factually false and can lead to infant harm.
Dr. Christie Castillo-Hegyi wrote:

“The lactation lanyard and keychain are visual tools used to convince mothers that their newborns are not in need of supplemental feeding. It claims a newborn...
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The lactivist lie that causes so many babies to suffer

Rachel writes:
The BFHI hospital refused to let me supplement my baby girl as well. Insisted to give it a few days...it never happened. My baby was crying and starving. I am thankful for my visit with the pediatrician the day I came home from the hospital...he insisted I supplement and when my milk never came in I was relieved that she was still being fed. I spent 3 weeks pumping and nursing...
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Today we ask you to help us. We need your help, and we need your vote.

Policies are intended to protect the people that they serve, and many times they do. However, when they don’t, it is our duty to raise our voice, and raise our cause. Clinically safe feeding practices come in a variety of forms, and we believe all mothers should have access to these options. We believe mothers shouldn’t be...
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Sign our Petition!

Dr. Heather McLeod writes :
I completely agree with your comments Christie, as a mother and Family Doctor doing obstetrics for over 25 years. Administrators create these ideals with no options and the Nurses and Doctors have to ” buy in” to be part of supporting breastfeeding. Hmmm- where have we seen this before? Thank God for social media to express the views that we constantly think and are...
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Lisa’s #Fedisbest Story:

In December 2011, after a short and relatively uneventful labour, this wee man made his debut. He was 22" long, 9 lbs, and too curious to really sleep right from the first day. I live in Canada, and had the promise of a year's maternity leave stretching in front of me. Of course I was going to nurse him exclusively - every bit of everything about baby care said it was...
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"When we were leaving the birth hospital at just over 36 hours, I couldn’t shake this bad feeling about the redness in the baby’s diaper. I asked another nurse about it twice, but she did not respond to those specific diaper questions, and so I felt awkward having asked what I assumed must have been stupid questions. In reflection, I realize there are no stupid questions concerning a baby’s...
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BFHI Hospital Caregivers, Please Be ‘Better Safe Than Sorry,’” Mom Urges After 3-Day-Old’s Dehydration - Fed Is Best

A reader sent us this picture. We believe a mother is the only one who is uniquely qualified to determine how their baby is fed.
A reader created this meme for us!
#SafeBreastfeeding #TruthIsBest
It's time to #BanTheBellyBalls The newborn stomach size is not 5-7 ml. Mothers, it is time to demand the most recent research and feed your babies according to their hunger cues. Remember, the stomach empties directly into the small intestine for continuous digestion.
#SafeBreastfeeding #TruthIsBest
On that same day two midwives stood at the door of my room and loudly talked about me. They were saying things like “Well if she wants to start giving bottles now she’ll never be successful at breastfeeding”. And “These kind of women that lack mother craft skills just give up before they’ve even tried.”

[ Thefullbottle.org Link ]

Whatever works for you

Melva and Olo’s #Fedisbest Story:

Olo was born in a hospital with a nursery and because of a bureaucratic mess, he was in the nursery for 36 hours. His first food was formula. Before giving birth, I was really anxious about exclusively breastfeeding, but I was so exhausted after 18 hours of labor and my c-section that I was just thankful he was being fed somehow. When he was finally given to...
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Meet The Fed Is Best Foundation's poster baby! He was safely breastfeed, supplemented and still required IV dextrose because of hypoglycemia. His mama was prepared and used our free, downloadable feeding plan. #FedIsBest #TruthIsBest
[ Fedisbest.org Link ]
Nancy writes:
I DO believe most LCs' main priority is both mom's and baby's health. However, if you look at what is required for a hospital to be considered "Baby Friendly", the LCs and nurses who work for these hospitals end up being the evil people who make these moms feel guilty for even considering formula!
I work for a BFHI hospital system where, if a mom chooses to formula feed, we...
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Beatrice an attorney from Nigeria writes:

When baby friendly is discussed they make it sound as if it's a sin if a mother can't breast feed, leaving women with low lactation with guilt.

It's inhumane.
Accidental infant starvation stories continue to pour into our message box on a daily basis. Just like this mother's pleas-- we also want to know WHY?

"The threat of dehydration is real and can have devastating outcomes. I’m glad that my baby is healthy and happy now and that he came around…but WHY did it have to come to that? WHY did it come to such extremes? WHY was no one listening to...
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Why Was No One Listening To Me Or My Baby Before We Left The Hospital? The Signs Were There - Fed Is Best