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Jessica Martucci, PhD, and Anne Barnhill, PhD, Medical Ethics and Health Policy researchers at Penn Medicine, warn that “[t]his messaging plays into a powerful perspective that ‘natural’ approaches to health are better.”

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Penn experts warn that touting "naturalness" of breastfeeding could backfire | Knowridge Science Report

We have started our accidental, infant starvation blog series here at The Fed Is Best Foundation. Yes, the stories are haunting and we are working tirelessly to provide #SafeBreastfeeding education for all families to prevent needless suffering. Please join our #FedIsBest advocacy!
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My Baby Was Starving But I Was Blinded By Pressure To Breastfeed

Since our last blog post, The Fed Is Best Foundation has received hundreds of accidental infant starvation stories!! The stories are haunting knowing all of the suffering could of been prevented. Please join our advocacy team so we can make changes to educate all families about #SafeBreastfeeding #FedIsBest
(For Spanish version click here) Dear Colleague and Parent: My name is Christie del Castillo-Hegyi and I am an emergency physician, former NIH scientist, with a background in newborn brain injury r…

Letter to doctors and parents about the dangers of insufficient exclusive breastfeeding

For the 1.5 MILLION people who viewed our recent accidental starvation blog, please sign our petition to demand systemic changes that will educate families about the risks of insufficient intake while exclusive breastfeeding. #SafeBreastfeeding
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"Trying to keep up with people’s pretty, Instagram-ready, perfectly pristine lives is HARD! Especially in the blogger world where it is further magnified with matching outfits, glamorous mum and baby shoots and picture perfect family moments captured for the world to see. On a bad day, Supermum can send me into a fit of dispair."

But take a look at this BABY!!! She is absolutely...
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Supermum Isn’t Real

Come join us! Group link is in the comments section.
Do you have questions about how to safely feed your baby? Our Co-Founder Dr. Christie del Castillo-Hegyi prepared 3 educational videos for our readers to review. If you have any questions or concerns, we are happy to answer them for you. #SafeBreastfeeding #FedIsBest
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Making Sure Your Newborn is Fed

This is the third of a series of lectures advocating for safer newborn breastfeeding practices. In this lecture, mothers and health providers are given ways ...

A mother writes: "I successfully pumped for and overproduced breast milk for my first child, my second I exclusively bf with no issues for 11 months. So, with my 3rd it was a no brainer that bf would not be an issue. Of course we had the typical latching issues in the beginning, but it seemed to get better. He wasn't crying to be fed and slept well, almost too well. He was losing weight and I...
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Please keep sending your stories to us or write them in the comments section. We will respond to every single message because #SafeBreastfeeding is extremely important! Thank you!
The most important information an exclusively breastfeeding mother must know is the percent weight loss of her child. In the first days of life, if your baby is fed only colostrum, they will often lose weight. The current guidelines by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) now recommends a weight loss threshold of 7%, as the weight at which the feeding of the baby should be evaluated in...
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Why Weigh My Baby? (Downloadable PDF)

#SafeBreastfeeding is extremely important! Our # 1 goal is to prevent this modern day tragedy from happening by educating families with our own breastfeeding course.
A reader sent us her own #FedIsBest picture meme and we love it!!
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Before I had babies I bought into the "breast is best" philosophy, too. So hard, in fact, that it was absolutely devastating for me to not be able to exclusively breastfeed my babies, and I actually thought I was harming them by supplementing with formula. I now know that breast is only best, you know, when it is.

I am going to repeat myself: breast is only best when it is best.

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18 Times "Breast Is Best" Just Isn't Even True

How many families in the US can afford the costs of hiring a lactation consultant like this mother did?
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What I thought I knew about breastfeeding as a new mum (and what I learnt).

Excellent resource for educational purposes.