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bahahahahaha Can you relate?
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YUCK ! Please tell me this isn't so! Have you ever encountered this problem?

Your Living Christmas Tree Is Most Likely Crawling With Bugs

"Does he sleep through the night?"
"I get asked this question all the time. It usually comes after how old is he and is he good baby. It makes me wonder if the single most important thing for a baby to do is to sleep through the night. My baby has just turned 1 and has never slept through. He is demand breastfed and we Bed-share. Sometimes he snuggles up to me for a feed twice a night,...
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When were you at your lowest? How did you get through it? This mama is so inspirational . Showing that no matter what your situation is you are mom enough!

On Food Stamps, Sleeping On The Floor, And Parenting Two Kids, Mom Has A Life-Changing Aha Moment

To The Bank Employee Who Insisted I Feed My Baby In The Bathroom , I Have Something To Tell You...

"Yesterday was the first time I have had a negative experience while feeding my daughter in public. She is over 2 months old, and, though I try to feed her before I leave the house, sometimes she gets hungry while we are out. I don't use a cover because she gets really hot under it and I don't...
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It's true! Bessie's Best: Lactation Cookies are delicious, but more importantly they work wonders for most mamas. You won't need Christmas cookies if you've got these lactation cookies around. And don't forget, they're not just cookies anymore. Try the pumpkin bread, and MTO granola to #MakeMoreMilk your way!
Is this you? It's totally me!
I remember that picture ! What did you think of her message?

She Calls Moms Who Aren’t Thin Like Her Lazy. 7 Years Later, She Gains Weight

Crunchy Mama
My son only started having a regular set bedtime when he started Kindergarten. Do your kids have a consistent bedtime? What do you think?

My Kids Don't Have A Consistent Bedtime, SO STFU & Stop Judging Me For It

Have you been Booby trapped ? Best for Babes Foundation is fighting Booby Traps with their CARE Alliance that I'm honored to be a part of! See what you can do to help fight booby traps! Please share!!!

CARE Code Alliance Fighting Booby Traps…

Does your baby cry when certain people hold them?

Why Your Baby Doesn't Like To Be Held By Certain People

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This dad petitioned to keep his daughter on life support for just a little while longer. Days after taking his fight to court, he witnessed a miracle

Father Captures Miracle On Film, 10 Days After Winning Fight To Keep Baby On Life-Support.

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Breastfeeding Mama Talk
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Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine featured Helen Anderson, MSN, BSN, RN, CLE, lactation officer at Fairhaven Health- (Belly to Breast: Fairhaven Health) & got the scoop on Pumping!

Ask the Experts: Pumping

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