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Wondering about when your fertility will return after you give birth and begin breastfeeding? Need to know more about contraception and natural family planning?

Breastfeeding can help with child spacing, when it is exclusive, extensive and without separation - which means that often mothers can and do get pregnant when they reengage in sex practices without contraception plans.

Know your...
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Understanding Your Fertility while Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding USA
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You CAN get pregnant while breastfeeding.

Some mothers who practice Lactation Amenorrhrea Method (LAM) can prevent pregnancy but you really need to know more about how it works. Check back today for our article on birth control and breastfeeding!

Mum got pregnant with twins just SIX WEEKS after giving birth to first child
Breastfeeding USA
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New Mexico is looking to support incarcerated women to breastfeed. Los Angeles County has also provided a similar program with inmates that are pregnant and nursing.

All children deserve the best start in life. Supporting mothers to breastfeed and provide milk for their children is the right thing to do, even under these very difficult circumstances.

New Mexico looks to promote breastfeeding from prison
Happy Valentine's Day!

Sometimes breastfeeding can seem to interfere with your love-making mojo. How do you keep the flame burning hot with your honey?

Making time for yourself and your partner can feel like a full scale production, with one particular picky cast mate who often wakes up at the wrong time.

When we open up about our needs, communicate clearly what we want, it make it...
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Breast milk is super powerful. Even into the toddler years and beyond!

“About 80 percent of the cells in breast milk are macrophages, cells that kill bacteria, fungi and viruses."

"What’s even more impressive is that the samples of milk in the photos came from the mother of a 15-month-old and a 3-year-old, providing further evidence that breastmilk continues to act as a powerful protector...
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Photo of Breastmilk Killing Bacteria In Petri Dish Goes Viral
Celebrities that also nurse beyond infancy is not new!

In this article, Tamara Ecclestone supports breastfeeding by taking a photo of her nursing her two year old daughter.

Does seeing and reading about celebrities who breastfeed help to #normalizebreastfeeding?

Are celebrities experiencing the same thing as the average Breastfeeding USA mom?

Share your thoughts!

Kildare Nationalist — Tamara Ecclestone supports breastfeeding with striking photo
Snuggles matter!

Science telling us what all mommies know instinctually.

It's ok to pick up your babies and hold them tight, every time they ask!

Research says it’s OK to pick up your baby each time it cries
Working Mom Alert! Check out this contest for the "scary pumping rooms"! Are you pumping in some bizarre location?

Elevate the experience and share your pump room story! Click through!

This Contest For Scary Pumping Rooms Helps Breastfeeding Moms At Work
Hey Breastfeeding USA mamas!

Consider participating in this research study!

The UC San Diego Developmental Lab is looking for volunteers to help us with an investigation of mother-infant interaction in the context of feeding.

They are looking for mothers who are currently breastfeeding or bottle-feeding to complete an easy checkbox-style online feeding log for three days.

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This mom from Nashville is saying what so many of us feel in the first weeks as we adjust to #breastfeeding.

We all need support as she says! One way to help new mothers is to let them know that, while breastfeeding takes time and practice, it does get easier!

To see more of her writing and pictures [ Link ]

"Ok, I'm going to say it for us all. Breastfeeding is hard. It's...
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Instagram photo by Leah???? • Jan 24, 2017 at 8:05pm UTC
As the weekend progresses, and we prepare our families for another busy week, may there be...

Peace in your home.
Sweet milky smiles on your baby's face.
Quiet reflection on the joys in our life.
Warm snuggles with your little ones.

May there be #PeaceonEarth as we collectively celebrate with our families, friends and communities.

From our home to yours, my your holiday be bright!
Human milk is tailor made for babies. Your milk is perfect for your baby.


"Human Milk, Tailor-Made For Tiny Humans" advert
Calling out to all our nighttime nursing mommies! Caption contest! What is the mommy thinking?
"How did mothers feed their babies 30 years ago?".

Here is an excellent video that explains the history of breastfeeding in the United States and how you can help support breastfeeding! When you support breastfeeding in your community, you are part of a First Food Movement!

Growing a First Food Movement -- Coming Together in Support of Breastfeeding

On Feb. 28 - March 1, 2013, more than 150 W.K. Kellogg Foundation grantees, advocates and academics met in Atlanta for the inaugural First Food Forum.

"No matter how you feel about the Affordable Care Act, President Barack Obama’s signature health care law, one pro is pretty clear: Working moms who breastfeed gained a number of important protections under the law."

Breastfeeding has always been a bi-partisan issue. Let your representatives know that you support breastfeeding!

To find your Congressional Representative: [ Link ]

What Breastfeeding Moms May Lose if Obamacare is Overturned
"Straight breastfeedin' in the snow like a boss. ❄,"

Dad's caption on the sweet snapshot.

This Mom Breastfed In The Snow 'Like A Boss'
"They were youngsters-a tiny bit removed from baby food---
and babies, we are told, are the latest news from heaven."

These are the powerful words of Martin Luther King, Jr on the death of four young black girls who were killed in Sunday school at Birmingham's Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in 1963.

Today, we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., and all the good works that have...
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Milk blisters or "blebs" can be super painful and frustrating for new and seasoned breastfeeding mothers alike.

Breastfeeding USA's articles strive to help you find answers to some of the basic breastfeeding questions that come up.

What breastfeeding questions would you like to see answered?

Blebs: Teeny Tiny Meanies
Because of you, I didn't give up.

Who is the person in your life, cheering you to meet your breastfeeding goals? Was it your partner, physician, mother, friend?

Tag the person who helps you keep your breastfeeding commitments! Let them know, "Because of you, I didn't give up!"