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Breastfeeding USA
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"Straight breastfeedin' in the snow like a boss. ❄,"

Dad's caption on the sweet snapshot.

This Mom Breastfed In The Snow 'Like A Boss'

Breastfeeding USA
01/16/2017 at 15:52. Facebook
"They were youngsters-a tiny bit removed from baby food---
and babies, we are told, are the latest news from heaven."

These are the powerful words of Martin Luther King, Jr on the death of four young black girls who were killed in Sunday school at Birmingham's Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in 1963.

Today, we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., and all the good works that have...
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Breastfeeding USA
01/15/2017 at 00:55. Facebook
Milk blisters or "blebs" can be super painful and frustrating for new and seasoned breastfeeding mothers alike.

Breastfeeding USA's articles strive to help you find answers to some of the basic breastfeeding questions that come up.

What breastfeeding questions would you like to see answered?

Blebs: Teeny Tiny Meanies

Breastfeeding USA
01/13/2017 at 05:46. Facebook
Because of you, I didn't give up.

Who is the person in your life, cheering you to meet your breastfeeding goals? Was it your partner, physician, mother, friend?

Tag the person who helps you keep your breastfeeding commitments! Let them know, "Because of you, I didn't give up!"
Breastfeeding USA
01/12/2017 at 14:47. Facebook
Good morning! Meeting your baby's need to breastfeed is important to their understanding of the world. It is communication - baby hears that their needs are valued and that they can make a request and have their needs met.

With toddlers, closer to age 2, they can sometimes wait a little longer or be distracted by other activities. Mothers of breastfeeding toddlers - what have you done to...
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“You mothers, go ahead and breastfeed, without fear. Just like the Virgin Mary nursed Jesus,” he told worshippers attending an annual ceremony commemorating the baptism of Jesus.

Pope Francis has encouraged women attending a ceremony in the Sistine Chapel to feel free to breastfeed their children in the church.

“The ceremony is a little long, someone’s crying because he’s hungry. That’s the...
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Pope Francis encourages mothers to breastfeed in Sistine Chapel

BOOK REVIEW: The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Newborns

Breastfeeding USA is delighted to share our review of this classic book on how to support infants to sleep.

"In her newest book, The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Newborns, Elizabeth Pantley offers scientific research and input from leading professionals, as well as practical suggestions and anecdotes to help parents better respond to their...
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Book review: The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Newborns

It can feel really hard when your baby is fussing and nothing seems to be right. You try several different comfort measures, but baby is still crying.

Sometimes the baby's don't read the same books you do before they arrive. Read our new article: Why is your Baby Fussing?

Why Is Your Baby Fussing?

Normalise infant sleep and wake cycles.
Ask: "Is baby waking and nursing well?"

Families struggle when we set unrealistic expectations. Babies need to wake and breastfeed frequently. Often every 2-3 hours.

Their tummies are tiny. It's good for their brains.

"Is baby waking and nursing well?" #YES
Present: existing or occurring now.
"she did not expect to find herself in her present situation"

Tell us about your "Best. Present. Ever." with breastfeeding your little one.

Moms of older babies, how do you stay connected to your little ones as breastfeeding slowly fades from daily life?
Mothers- we need your support! If you were supported to breastfeed by your health care provider - please click below and share your hospital story.

The CDC funding is at risk and their work informs all the evidence based work that we rely on to help moms breastfeed.
#starwars Did your OB educate and encourage you to breastfeed? No? You're not alone. In a galaxy far, far away, prenatal care is about the same!

Edited to add: Please note that this article contains some strong language.

There are so many brilliant quotes in this excellent article. We can also bet that Padme's space medicalbot probably never educated her prenatally on the benefits of...
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Did Inadequate Women’s Healthcare Destroy Star Wars’ Old Republic?

Don't you love how patient this momma is with her squirmy baby bunnies! How many times have you found your self with feet in your face??

Toddler nursing sometimes feels like a gymnastic team sport!
We know that so many mothers this season have been pulling many #secondshifts, the #graveyardshift and the #EverydayAllDayshift. We feel you!

Mothers are powerful, creative, multi-tasking queens. Don't forget to take care of yourself. May your #2017Love include time for yourself.
Choose soft hands.
Choose a gentle voice.
Choose love.
You will never be loved like this again.

We agree. #2017Love
Goodbye 2016! We can't wait for more fun breastfeeding pictures in 2017!

13 Photos That Stood Up For Breastfeeding Moms in 2016

Don't give up on your hardest day! 2017 is almost here, so support Breastfeeding USA so we can help you get through those hard days.

Breastfeeding USA Counselors serve communities across the nation via telephone, online and monthly meetings, at no cost to families. It's because they care about you and each mother that turns to us for help, encouragement and empathetic support.

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Our slogan, “Empowering you with mother-to-mother support,” means more than just providing the information families need to get breastfeeding off to a good start, and ensure a good milk supply.

Sharing current evidence and discussing options leads to informed decision making, which we believe helps families feel more confident and empowered in their choices.

Please support our efforts and...
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Breastfeeding USA Counselors serve communities across the nation via telephone, online and monthly meetings, at no cost to families. It's because they care about you and each mother that turns to us for help, encouragement and empathetic support. We encourage you to look into #GivingTuesday and consider your many opportunities for giving, and consider a donation to Breastfeeding USA

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Working moms can use a refrigerator in the break rooms to store their milk. What has been your experience when you returned to work? Did your employer give you time and space to #pump?