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So I have been on Lexapro for a few months now and it has definitely worked with the depression however now I feel very indifferent and don't care about anything! That is obviously no way to live life either so I am wondering if anyone else has went through this and what other medications that you may have tried. I have also attached a picture of someone's problems that I read online that are...
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My friend had sent this to me and I think it's really cool!
Very excited to talk to all my new texting friends this month! If you haven't signed up- be sure to sign up today and I'll text you today too and every day for the entire month of March! I understand that not everyone can afford it and I know it's tough that I only take 30 people a month but if you get to my site and it's too much for you or it's full- you can always still interact with me...
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Texting Exclusive Premium Membership For Month of March
Went into -#windsor today and they had these up by the jewelry area. Even I am confused.
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Bree Olson - The Shorty Awards
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Bree Olson - The Shorty Awards
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Bree Olson - The Shorty Awards
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Bree Olson - The Shorty Awards
Preparing to make a Candy Land cake in the next few days