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Bree Olson
12/04/2016 at 22:37. Facebook
Hey- it is me in text. I send videos almost daily- there's no way to fake that. If you'd like to talk to me each day- you can check out my website- and if you have anything negative to say- well- you can just unfollow me.

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Hey! Is this a Q&A? How does this work?
Within 10 minutes of meeting each other for the first time in person- Ash locked keys in a rental car and I found out my old Snap account was taken down. We then went to a football game (which neither of us really understand) and sat in freezing temperatures with snow and wind. It wasn't until this photo that I realized how none of that even phased me because I was with an amazing friend. When...
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There is still a small chance to make Hillary Clinton president: [ Change.org Link ] (trump supporters please don't attack me for this)

Electoral College Electors: Electoral College Make Hillary Clinton President on December 19

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This is definitely my best Snapchat yet. @TheBreeOlson
#hillaryclinton #billclinton #presidentialelection2016
I just realized how 2016 it was to scope that my sister is Pokémon hunting. If people back then could see us now they'd think we're crazy!
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What color is this hair?
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