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Monday. Don't wait for something to happen so you can change. Summon new strength now, by sheer choice alone. Only two things can change our lives - either something new comes into our lives, or something new comes from within.
Sunday. Time we practiced more kindness in the world and online, right? Pass it on. Complement with how to help people change: [ Brendon.com Link ]
4 ways to inspire someone you love or lead to change: [ Brendon.com Link ]

"Live so well that others find drive and strength from your example."

Inspiring Others to Change - Try these 4 "Gates" to change

Sunday thought: the world is a beautiful place
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Confidence means believing in your ability to figure things out. So just start. No matter how small you start, start something that matters. - brendon
It's ok they don't understand - follow your dreams passionately anyway
You don’t need to be perfect, rich or gorgeous to be treated with respect. If you’re not being honored it’s time to take actions that would honor yourself. #respect
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Thinking of loved ones passed