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4 ideas that will help you stick to your word:

#1. Don't commit to things that you're not passionate about. When you lack passion for the commitments you make, they tend to feel like heavy obligations or trifle commitments. They're easy to cancel or quit. Learning to turn down more opportunities (even the good ones!) will help you stick to your word.

#2. Respect other people's time. Your...
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Stick To Your Word

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The power plant doesn't have energy; it transforms one form to another. It generates energy and transmits it. We are the same. You don't "have" happiness, you generate it. I say if you are going to generate any form of energy let it be joy and love. Let that be your intention and the lights come on.
If you cancel a lot of things or fail to deliver too often (or know someone who does!) then this one is for you: [ Link ]

How to Stick to Your Word (Integrity!) - Brendon Burchard
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Morning routine: 20 minutes of yoga/stretching. 20 mins reading or meditating. 20 mins planning the day.
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